New Captain Planet Movie in the Works – Hello, Childhood!

Watch out, Pollution – a childhood hero is making a huge comeback thanks to Paramount and Appian Way Productions, owned by Oscar winner (finally) Leonardo DiCaprio. Here’s what we know about what the future holds for Captain Planet.

captain planet

Jono Matt and Glen Powell (Scream Queens) are officially in talks with Paramount about a new screenplay regarding our favourite environmentally friendly hero. According to HR, Jennifer Davisson Killoran and Leonardo DiCaprio will be producing the new film through Appian Way, DiCaprio’s production company.

Appian Way Productions signed their first-look deal with Paramount alongside Powell which makes this possibility just a little more exciting. For those that aren’t aware of Captain Planet, this is was a legendary cartoon from the 90’s. Let me tell you, I have a lot of good memories from cuddling up with my childhood pets watching Captain Planet and his Planeteers work together to save the world!

captain planet

The series only lasted a few years, from 1990 to 1992, but the impact was unmistakable. The premise revolved around five youths that fought alongside Captain Planet using magical rings that allowed them to tune in with nature. WITH OUR POWERS COMBINED, they summoned Captain planet and the environmental enemies were taken down.

We don’t know a whole lot about what the new movie will entail but there are rumors circulating that the film will take places years after the show’s timeline and will feature a much older Captain who faces an existential crises and realises he needs these kids more than they need him. This is just a rumor, however, but we have contacted the studio for an official statement.

Stay tuned with DFTG as we continue to bring you the news you want to see. And in case you missed it, there’s another hero experiencing his own existential crisis in the new trailer for the final Wolverine movie: Logan. You can see the full trailer here.

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