Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer – Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft is set to release the game Halo Wars 2 next year, but we got a special sneak peek at the new multiplayer modes. There are multiple options for you to choose from, but the most notable of them all is the new, never been done before, Blitz. According to the video released today, Blitz is described as the, “fast paced arcade action of Halo Wars 2, where instead of building your armies at a base, you build them beforehand as a deck of cards and you fight by deploying cards from your hand to the battlefield”.

Halo Wars 2 blitz multiplayer

Xbox’s website says:

“Blitz is an entirely new way to experience Halo Wars and real-time strategy gameplay. Combining tactical combat with card-based strategy, your deck is your army in Blitz as you build collections of powerful Halo vehicles and troops and command those units in fast-action matches online or solo against waves of enemies.”

That sounds really cool on top of  the rest of the campaign and multiplayer modes where you can construct your bases, prepare your vehicles, and gather your troops to battles across larger areas than before. You can play with friends on Xbox live with up to 3 vs. 3 on a variety of maps. Halo Wars 2 is only available on Xbox One and Windows 10. You can purchase yours on February 21st 2017 or pre-order a digital copy now. Check out the video below where 343 Industries and Creative Assembly discuss the multiplayer modes of Halo Wars 2:

So what do you think about Halo Wars 2 blitz mode? Let us know down below and for all you Halo fans out there, check out the new Halo stickers in IOS messaging! Check back with Don’t Feed The Gamers often for all things Halo! You can pre-order your copy below.

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