IKEA Teaming Up With ASUS To Create Line Of Gamer Furniture

If there’s one thing that all gamers need to properly enjoy their pastime is furniture, such as desks and chairs. ASUS has sought to provide gamers such furniture through their…

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Evo 2020

Evo 2020 Cancelled Following Allegations Against CEO

Each year, many of the most formidable fighting game players have gathered for the Evo Championship Series, with the event often attracting competitors as well as viewers from all around…

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HyperX SXsw

HyperX SXSW eSports Panel Cancelled Due To Coronavirus Concerns

The world has certainly been abuzz the past few weeks with concern over the coronavirus outbreak that has struck the planet. Numerous aspects of society have been affected by the…

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Top-Earning Esports Players Made Massive Money In 2019

High-profile sports athletes are known to make a ton of money, with soccer star Lionel Messi notably having 2019’s biggest paycheck with FC Barcelona for $80 million—the deal excluding such…

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Activision YouTube Partnership Overtakes Previous Deal With Twitch

Announced last month, YouTube and Activision recently came to terms on a deal that would give the Call 0f Duty publisher exclusive streaming rights worldwide, with the exception of China….

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Twitch Streamer Pokimane Donates $50K Toward Esports Scholarships

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is among the most successful streamers on Twitch as well as YouTube, rising to fame playing games like League of Legends and Fortnite while also attending college…

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League Of Legends Pro League

League Of Legends Pro League Delayed Due To Coronavirus

Having held the seasons-long tournament since 2013, the League Of Legends Pro League was set to grace fans with another showing of China’s top-tier champions. With the latest LPL season…

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Atari Hotels

Atari-Themed Gaming Hotels Coming To Eight Major US Cities

In a time when the likes of PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox reign supreme in the console gaming market, there is one name that is still very much recognizable. Atari hasn’t…

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Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum Takes A Deep Dive Into The World Of Gaming

Jeff Goldblum widely known as an eccentric personality and is often able to look at the world through a unique and relatable lens. In fact, a new show streaming on…

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Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper Pokes Fun At League Of Legends In SNL Skit (VIDEO)

For over forty years, Saturday Night Live has endured as a perennial American comedy favorite. The sketch comedy series has continued to stay relevant by continuing to satirize popular media,…

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