Dabbing Robots Break Guinness World Record – See The Dance Party Here (VIDEO)

Dabbing Robots

The evolution of robotics has always been one of the most captivating sectors of science for the public. Popular science fiction franchises have presented mechanical beings as a beneficial product of a future hoped for by many. While some scientists have focused on making big advancements in robotics that assist with daily tasks, such as grinding for microtransactions, others have opted to avoid a dark future where humans are ruled by machines. It seems that a new robot uprising has emerged, however, for this army consists of dabbing robots.

The official Guinness World Records YouTube channel has released a video showing these machines executing the now infamous dance move. This robotic legion was put together by Italian telecommunications company TIM S.p.A. to promote their business by breaking the Guinness world record for most simultaneous dancing robots. TIM S.p.A. programmed 1,372 of these robots to execute their unified dance routine and beat the previous record of 1,069 simultaneous dancing robots, held by Chinese company WL Intelligent Technology Co.

The robot model used to break this record was the Alpha 1S, which stands just 15.7 inches tall and was created by Chinese company UBTECH Robotics. The record-breaking event took place at the Sanremo music festival in Rome and was featured on Italian television. While these robots are not likely a threat to human civilization as we know it, our ancestors can at least look at this moment as the time a resistance soldier can be sent back to stop the Dabinators in their earliest forms. What do you guys think about these dabbing robots breaking a Guinness world record? Let us know in the comments below!

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