Xbox One 4K Webcams Reportedly Coming Soon

While the news hasn’t been confirmed from Microsoft, rumor has it that the companies are currently developing 4K resolution webcams for Windows and their Xbox One console series. According to…

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Dabbing Robots

Dabbing Robots Break Guinness World Record – See The Dance Party Here (VIDEO)

The evolution of robotics has always been one of the most captivating sectors of science for the public. Popular science fiction franchises have presented mechanical beings as a beneficial product…

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Nintendo President

Is Nintendo Their Own Biggest Enemy? (OPINION)

Nintendo is a staple in the gaming community, a name that has always carried weight and respect among peers and gamers around the world. Because of that, there is a…

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Fog Tech

New Video From the Death Stranding Team Shows New Fog Tech With Eerie Realism (VIDEO)

It seems that Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is getting a lot of attention in media lately as the days slowly tick by towards its unknown release date. To further the…

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facebook spaces

Virtually Hang Out with Friends – VR Application ‘Facebook Spaces’ Now Live

When Facebook bought the virtual reality innovator Oculus back in 2014, many expected the company’s immersion device to integrate with the social media platform in some way down the line….

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Nintendo Switch Dead Pixels

Dead Pixels On the Nintendo Switch are ‘Normal’ Says Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch released just last week, and Nintendo’s newest console is already breaking records for its successful launch.  That said, the more consoles that get sold across the world,…

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DFTG Reviews the 550M Cougar Gaming Mouse

For PC gamers, a quality gaming mouse is paramount to the success of many raids, FPS pwnage, and open-world exploration. DPI, comfort, and maneuverability are key to an enjoyable gaming…

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Nyko Brings Consoles Together Through Customizable Controller Charger

With so many gaming systems available to gamers these days, it’s not uncommon to own multiple consoles. For console gamers, the big two are generally Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox….

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PlayStation VR “One of The Best Inventions of 2016” According to Time Magazine

Time Magazine recently released their annual best tech of the year list and Sony’s PlayStation VR has landed a spot on the unranked registry. The company describes Sony’s VR as “The…

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Razer Logo

Razer Takes a Shot at Apple With Obscene Tweet

Soon after launch it became clear that consumers and even more so business professionals weren’t too pleased with Apple’s latest iteration of their MacBook Pro lineup of laptops. The cause…

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