Crackdown 3 Dev Gives Reason For Multiple Delays

Crackdown 3 Dev Gives Reason For Multiple Delays

Just a few months ago at E3 2018, Crackdown 3 received a new gameplay trailer that managed to generate even more hype for the Terry Crews high-octane vessel. Unfortunately, the gameplay trailer arrived just a few days after Microsoft confirmed that the game was once again being delayed, this time pushing the release date back to 2019. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not provide much reasoning behind the delay, stating only that it was “to ensure we deliver the experience they [fans] deserve.” Thankfully, Crackdown 3 developer Sumo Digital has shed some light as to why the delays have pushed the release date back, to 2019.

In a recent interview with, Sumo Digital Managing Director Paul Porter revealed that the delays were done in order to further polish the game. The extra time is being used “to polish a game that’s pretty much done,” Porter said, and to make it “better and better.” Part of the reason why this was done is to avoid some of the issues that plagued Crackdown 2. “My experience of Crackdown is probably similar to a lot of other people’s,” Porter said. “I played the first one to death – played it in co-op, collected all the orbs.”

After a couple of hours playing Crackdown 2 I wanted to throw my controller at the TV … That’s definitely not the route that’s been taken with Crackdown 3.”

With all the extra work going into Crackdown 3, here’s hoping that the game’s reception will be more well-received than that of Crackdown 2. Even if it does turn out to be rather buggy, at least we’ll get to play with Terry Crews.

Crackdown 3 arrives at some point in 2019 for PC and Xbox One.

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