Kill La Kill The Game: IF Debuts Epic Gameplay At EVO 2018 (VIDEO)

Kill La Kill

Arc System Works may currently be in the throes of Dragon Ball FighterZ, but the company is also busy heading publishment on another kinetic anime adaptation in Kill La Kill The Game: IF. From what we’ve gathered so far, the title will see the over-the-top source material represented fittingly with 3D arena combat, a “what if” side story, and stunning, anime-inspired visuals. Debuting at gaming tournament event EVO 2018, the first playable showcase of the game has shown off some awesome new gameplay.

The fast-paced footage matches the original Kill la Kill series pretty well, as rival fighters Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin clash blades with spectacular intensity. The extended look features much in the way of colorful back-and-forth throwdowns, as well as a new dueling mechanic called the Ketsui system. We also notice that minor character customization will be an available feature, as Satsuki can be seen sporting an alternate color scheme for a few fights. Check out the video below:

Watch ArcLive Saloon @ EVO 2018! from ArcSystemWorksU on

Commentary from developers APlus Games explains authentic recreation of the series’ sensibilities was a major focus, with everything from explosive abilities to trash-talking character banter taken into account. Inclusion of these details was done to draw appreciative from fans of the anime, while the game’s streamlined button-mash combat would appeal to casual fighting fans.

Further gameplay is slated to appear at Tokyo Game Show in September, where an updated build and fresh roster character is teased to be debuting in a playable state. So far, we’ve only had fighting appearances from Ryuko and Satsuki, so fans will likely enjoy speculating and eventually seeing more new roster members in action. Kill la Kill The Game: IF is scheduled to release for PC and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2019.

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