Crackdown 3 Releases New Gameplay Trailer (VIDEO)

Crackdown 3 released a new gameplay trailer at E3 today. The upcoming title from Reagent Games and Sumo Digital will let players take on the role of the incomparable Terry Crews. The game has already been delayed four times, but Microsoft announced the game will now release in February 2019.

I think most players have grown sick of faceless and voiceless protagonists in gaming. That certainly can not be said about Crackdown 3. Players will take on the role of Crews’ Commander Isaiah Jaxon, who narrates the entire trailer with passion and power. He yells about how he’s “big… beautiful… like a skyscraper…falling at your face!”, which is perfect. The game certainly feels like Crew personified. He blows up massive canisters of an unknown substance by jumping off a building and firing a bazooka. He transforms a car into a tank. This may not end up getting phenomenal reviews, but this is going to be

The core gameplay of the previous two Crackdowns remains intact for the third. Players need to collect power ups and destroy the facilities of enemy gangs. You’ll earn new skills for killing enemies in different ways, and a new “Gangs Bite Back” mode means your opponents will seek revenge at any time or place. The visuals and gameplay invoke a bit of Saints Row IV, which is always a positive in this author’s opinion. Of course, Terry Crews played Benjamin King in Saints Row IV, making this his second foray into urban warfare games.

Players and critics alike primarily criticized Crackdown 2’s retread setting from its predecessor. That does not appear to be an issue for the third installment. The city is gloriously rendered in neon. Even the explosions burn in greens and pinks rather than standard reds and yellows. Any game delayed that often creates some cause for concern. However, today’s trailer shows that we should be ready for a successful and fun title in February.

Are you excited to play as Terry Crews and “blow up crime”? Do you think Jaxon will do his famous pec dance? Let us know in the comments, and follow DFTG on Twitter for all things gaming!

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