Hood: Outlaws And Legends Details Their Progression System (VIDEO)

hood outlaws and legends

Sumo Digital and Focus Home Interactive revealed Hood: Outlaws and Legends during the PlayStation State of Play last year, and it’s almost ready. Coming next month, the game offers a unique multiplayer experience that pits players against each other and the environment. Take down combatants and sneak around obstacles to steal treasure and riches before another team gets the chance.

Curious about how Hood: Outlaws and Legends’ progression system works? Check out their latest video below:

Earn gold and experience during heists and, depending on how you divvy out the spoils, players can choose to level up their hideout, spend it on game-changing effects, or zhuzh up their look. By allocating gold to the People, players earn Hideout ranks that unlock levels of shop options and challenges. Choose to keep it for themselves, players can then spend it on cosmetics and perks.

Each character has three available perk slots and depending on which they choose, it can radically change their purpose and objective. It’s up to you how they assess the lay of the land! Your choice of perks can totally change how you play each character, and the role they play on your team during heists. According to Hood: Outlaws and Legends game director Andrew Willans, “For example, you might decide to boost the Mystic’s gas grenades to have a greater stamina-depleting effect. Another perk changes its function entirely, transforming it into a friendly area-of-effect heal instead.”

Whether your choose to make a character a support healer, opt to keep the spoils for yourself, or give it to the people, it’s all about balance. Hood: Outlaws and Legends releases May 10th for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Want to see how the game looks and feels? Check out the gameplay overview below:

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