CD Projekt RED Execs Receive Major Bonuses Despite Cyberpunk 2077 Launch

CD Projekt RED

CD Projekt RED has been a well-loved game developer due to its commitment to delivering wonderful games filled with creativity and expansive worlds teeming with life. The Witcher franchise felt like a lived-in space, leaving players in awe despite its flaws. After the poor launch of Cyberpunk 2077, however, fans haven’t quite as taken with the company. Despite the game’s unfortunate launch, it’s been revealed that the company’s top-level executives are getting some sizeable monetary payouts, while the ‘rank and file’ are getting less than expected.

From game-breaking bugs to the general lack of the quality that fans had come to expect from a CD Projekt RED title, Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t quite live up to the level of hype that players placed on the title due to the myriad amount of teases, trailers, and more. Despite this, CD Projekt RED’s executives appear to be receiving millions of dollars in bonuses this year. A recent report reveals that 20% of CD Projekt RED’s earnings go to profit-sharing bonuses across the company. 10% is allocated to the board and 10% goes to the employees.

While the numbers seem fairly even from the outside looking in, there is a notable disparity between the two groups in terms of numbers. A CD Projekt RED spokesperson released a statement explaining that the company allocated $29.8 million in bonuses to employees across the year including various performance bonuses and the annual bonus. CD Projekt RED’s Board members number a total of 5 people and received bonuses reaching 28 million dollars.

CD Projekt RED

It is worth noting that the executives did take a hit financially, with 4 board members owning 33% of the company’s stock. This of course dropped considerably after the dismal launch of Cyberpunk 2077. Still, the bonuses they’ll receive this year far outweigh anything that workers would ever be able to make even as far out as 10 years. CDPR CEO Marcin Iwiński responded to a question as to whether or not it was appropriate for the board to take such hefty bonuses stating that the executives’ compensation has always been tied to the company’s profits.

We earned this money and the company earned this money, of course, but more net profits, more bonuses. So well, we have results, we get bonuses, and that’s the contract we have.”

Thankfully it does appear that the company is re-evaluating the way they go about divvying out bonuses, if only to ensure that hard-working employees don’t just abandon the company. It is mentioned that CD Projekt RED reevaluated salaries as well as increased the minimum wages to better meet the gaming industry’s standards this year. It remains to be seen how the company plans on restructuring its profit-sharing between employees and the executives, but with any luck it will be a change for the better.

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