Call of Duty: Warzone Stadium Opening Teased In Tweet

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Moments ago the official Call of Duty Twitter asked fans what the Stadium would be called if it had a name. It didn’t take long for players to respond with a name, retweet the original and start speculating what would be happening. With the start of Season five happening shortly, one can expect changes to the popular battle royale that is Call of Duty: Warzone.

Not much has been said about what is to be expected from Activision since they have been nearly radio silent. The possibility of bringing the stadium into active game play will be major for fans. The stadium is one of the only building in the Warzone map that remains inaccessible to players.

In a bit of word play, the tweet states “Our doors are open to ideas.” which only fuels speculation that the massive structure will finally be added to the playable foreground. Not much else is known about the upcoming season although it has been rumored by NICKMERCS, a twitch streamer, that moving trains may be added to future gameplay.

Call of Duty: Warzone is still free to play and doesn’t require the Modern Warfare game in order to play. However, those who do have Call of Duty Modern Warfare can access the game within the main menu. Warzone also allows cross platform play.

As with all Call of Duty: Warzone seasons players can expect new weapon, skins, etc as they level up the battle pass or complete challenges. Season five is set to begin on Wednesday, August 5th and only then will players and fans know just what this particular season will hold.

With season four wrapping up players can still obtain the Fennec sub-compact machine gun and CR-56 AMAX assault rifle for free as well as capitalize on the latest skins and Captain Price operator before it ends!


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