Resident Evil 8 Playtest Reveals Possible VR Version

Resident Evil 8, also known as Resident Evil: Village was reported to have more trailers and content released starting August of this year.  Just a few days before the start of the month, sources have already detailed some of the game play information that the player base has been yearning to hear. This includes details pertaining to enemies, environment, bosses, weapons and more. Capcom also confirmed that they plan on releasing a version of the game in VR, but the announcement will not be made “until Sony is ready”.

Resident Evil Village would not the first game in the franchise to be released in VR. Resident Evil 7 was given the VR treatment which had both positive and negative reviews in terms of game play. Both games were created using RE engine and one can only hope that the VR version of Resident Evil 8 upon release will have addressed the concerns that popped up with it’s predecessor.

According to sources whom have participated in the playtest, they were clocked at around thirty minutes of play and only allowed two runs in the test environment. It was also said that the game was tested on the Playstation 4 Pro console.

The leaked information provided  detail to the behavior of NPC’s stating that they speak in a foreign language that sounds disfigured, some carry various weaponry and they have a similar reaction as enemies in Resident Evil 3. The playable characters are able to use a shotgun, handgun and a sturdy knife. The playtest also delves into an a boss fight with an NPC by the name of Olga. Olga reportedly has a “distinctive laugh” and chases Ethan (the main character) as her form takes on a swarm of insects. There is also alleged information about a mysterious old woman whom may act like a merchant of sorts.

Although the sources are deemed credible all of the information is still speculation. There has been no official source to confirm or deny any of the game play. It’s no surprise that the excitement of the game keeps building among players and avid horror gamers since the release of the trailer for Resident Evil 8 first dropped last month. Resident Evil 8 is set to be released in 2021.

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