Bungie Apologises for Destiny 2 Symbol Unintentionally Related to a Troll Hate Group

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Destiny 2 is in full swing for console players, and there’s definitely a lot to be excited about. From easter eggs hidden, funky fresh dance moves, and upcoming raid details – players and their Guardians are ready to go. Things quickly turned ugly for the team behind the shooter when a fan pointed out a gauntlet that bared the symbol associated with a renowned fictional group that has has been known for hateful publications by some of its members with the aim to “troll the left”. Bungie quickly responded to the situation and is currently working on its total removal:

“It’s come to our attention that a gauntlet in Destiny 2 shares elements with a hate symbol. It is not intentional. We are removing it. Our deepest apologies. This does NOT represent our values, and we are working quickly to correct this. We renounce hate in all forms.”

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons later added in his own message, “At Bungie, our company values place the highest emphasis on inclusion of all people and respect for all who work with us or play our games.”

According to one Reddit user, the item in question was associated with the Hunter’s Road Complex AA1 and can be seen in the image below:

The group in question is the “KeK”, a fictional troll group specifically created to create political controversy. The origins had a humorous background in the World of Warcraft and in the age of “the Interwebz”, it quickly spun out into its own entity.

Essentially, it’s a satirical religion spun off of a popular meme that is seen as a more divisive way for white nationalists to troll the internet. Like with any group, any joke, or any organization – there are toxic people and instead of intelligent conversation, hide behind the mighty “Kek”.  The symbol in question is the “Kekistan” banner and though the “kek” origins stem from World of Warcraft, the banner’s logo was confirmed to be inspired by the Nazi war flag. The modified “kek” symbol replaced the swastika. This same fictional-based flag has been seen at “unite the right” events alongside banners quoting Hitler, images deliberately baiting minority groups, and more. The white supremacist rallies seen all over North America in recent times have also seen this same flag, most notably at the Charlottesville, VA rally.

Regardless of the origins, the symbol in question was unintentional and the team at Bungie is rectifying it the near future. With a patch prepared tomorrow, it is likely that the re-shading will occur then.

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