Blizzard Showcases Skills and Runes of the New Necromancer Class in Diablo 3

Ah, yes, the long awaited Necromancer class for Diablo 3 will be coming soon. Well, at least sometime this year anyway. Allowing fans a small glimpse of what this nephilim can do, Blizzard showcases a couple skills and runes for your viewing pleasure. They’ve completed the female model of the necromancer class, as well! I don’t know about you, but she looks amazing! The company initially announced this news in November, giving long-time players of the franchise a small light of hope for the game and its progress. Much more recently, there was a Q&A video posted asking some of the harder hitting questions. For example, “How much of the Diablo 2 Necromancer will there be in the new Diablo 3 Necromancer?” and “Will the Revive ability make a comeback?”

While the animated graphics below do not display the full extent of the class, these give us a taste of what can be expected. Personally, they look fantastic, especially the summoning skill rune “Blood Golem” – look at that animation! What else is in store, you ask? Take a peek at the images below:

Skill: Grim Scythe

Grim Scythe summons a huge scythe in a wide arc, dealing damage and restoring Essence. As a generator ability, this will be your bread and butter ability for building up to your more powerful damage dealing spells.”

Skill: Leech

Joining Decrepify in the Necromancer’s repertoire of curses, Leech is a dastardly spell that allows you to transfer some of the health of attacked enemies to yourself and your allies. It’s great not only for keeping yourself healthy, but offering support to your party members as well!”

Skill Rune: Death Nova (Blood Nova)

Blood Nova is one of the five skill runes for the base Death Nova skill. Blood Nova does impressive damage, but this comes at a cost—using this rune requires spending both Essence and some of your Health.”

Skill Rune: Devour (Cannibalize)

Devour is a resource-regeneration skill, allowing you to regain Essence by consuming the corpses of your slain foes. As one of the runes for Devour, Cannibalize also allows you to regain Health, which is handy for fueling costly spells like Blood Nova!”

Skill Rune: Raise Golem (Blood Golem)

We showed a sneak peek of the Blood Golem at BlizzCon, but now he’s outfitted with animations, skills, and clever tricks! The Blood Golem is a burly companion who can sacrifice himself to heal you. Don’t worry—he’ll reconstruct himself right away, and deal sizeable amounts of damage to surrounding foes in the process!”

Female Necromancer Class Model

Do you like what you see? I certainly do! Even though there will be a public testing for this class, the blog post from Blizzard stated that it “will be a little different from other PTRs”. The unfortunate part, which happens to be an aspect most players may mumble grudgingly about, is the fact that this is a “content pack”. While it is not an expansion, you will need to pay in order to utilize the Necromancer. Keep in mind, there will be a bunch of content in addition to that, including an “in-game pet, cosmetic wings, two additional character slots, two additional stash tabs (PC), portrait frame, pennant, banner, and banner sigil”.

A price has not been settled yet, but the developing team is hoping to release the Necromancer in the latter half of this year. Honestly, that could mean anywhere between July and December, but based on the gifs and images above – it is certainly starting to come together. If all goes as well as they hope in PTR, that may mean a sooner release!

What do you think of the upcoming and highly anticipated Necromancer class? Will you be making the purchase, or will that depend on the price? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below or begin your own conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers Disqus channel! To stay up to date on the latest news in the gaming world, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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