New BB8 Skyrim Mod Makes The Droid Your New Companion (VIDEO)

BB-8 Skyrim Mod

Skyrim, the fifth entry in the Elder Scrolls series, was originally released six years ago, yet the game is still held dearly by its fans. The game was recently brought over to the Nintendo Switch, and adapted for use with PlayStation VR, revitalizing even more fan passion for the game. A large area where this has passion has been expressed throughout the game’s history has been in mods, which have ranged from making the game a multiplayer experience, to bringing a Macho Man Randy Savage-themed dragon into the game. Now, one mod crosses the game with a galaxy far, far away with a new BB8 Skyrim mod. See a preview of the companion in the video below:

Haem Projects have made their new mod, called Snippy – Droid Follower, available on Nexus Mods. Snippy is a droid who bears a striking resemblance to BB8 from The Force Awakens, aside from his aged stone look more befitting for the world of Skyrim. The mod lets players control Snippy with a new inventory item, the Dwemer Device, which also doubles as a staff. Snippy will act as a follower who does not get lost, and provides 128 cute different voice reactions in your travels together.

Snippy offers more than just his presence. The little droid can be controlled by the player in manual control mode, and also has a flashlight, lockpick and scanner that can assist the player. There’s no lighter yet for Snippy, to allow him to give a thumbs up, but maybe that might one day come in the future. The Snippy mod is available now for the Skyrim Legendary Edition, as well as the Special Edition on PC and Xbox One. What do you guys think about this new BB8 Skyrim Mod? Let us know in the comments below!

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