Turn-Based Strategy Tabletop Game ‘BattleTech’ Returns With a New Trailer and Publisher

BattleTech was originally a wargaming and military science-fiction tabletop game created in 1984 by FASA Corporation. As time went on, the games influence reached out to books, card games, an animated TV series, video games, and more. The game is played out in 10 second turns composed of multiple phases over a playing board of hexagon spaces. The last release of a tactical mech PC game released in 1994 and now, 20 years later, BattleTech returns. Check out the teaser trailer in the video below:

Harebrained Schemes, developer of the Shadowrun Returns series, originally started this new BattleTech game as a kickstarter project but have recently negotiated a partnership with Paradox Interactive as the game’s publisher.

Paradox will provide marketing support, localization services, and funds for additional testing in exchange for a cut of the game’s sales. This allows us to focus all our efforts on making a great game while maintaining complete creative control.”

Also coming soon is a “Kickstarter Backer Beta” which will allow backers to get a taste of the game’s multiplayer starting June 1st. A trailer for the multiplayer has been released for those who are itching to get a little taste of what is to come

The game is expected to release in 2017 according to its Kickstarter and will be released for the PC platform. What are your thoughts on BattleTech and its return? Are you planning to back the project? Let us know your thoughts on this franchise’s return in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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