The First Human Operated Mech Takes its First Steps (VIDEOS)


People from the past imagined the future as a place full of flying cars and giant tubes that carry people from place to place, but so far, we are pretty much normal. Well, we have high powered computers that fit in our pockets and mail that’s instantly delivered to a person across the globe, but you know… normal. Now, we have taken another step into the future with giant man powered robots! METHOD-2 is just over 13 feet tall and is a bipedal, manned mech that actually works! The pilot controls the mech’s arms and it can walk, but it is connected to a power source and needs to be held upright by a chain hoist, so it’s not about to be stomping through your neighborhood any time soon.


Method-2 was created by the Korean company Hankook Mirae’s Technology and Conceptual Designer, Vitaly Bulgarov. He has worked for Panasonic, Intel, and Google as an Industrial Designer. Bulgarov has even contributed to films like 2014’s RoboCop, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and the upcoming Ghost in the Shell. He sure is good at making futuristic things as entertainment for the masses, which is why some people started to question the legitimacy of the mech. The website Live Science, for example, called them out. They insinuated the mech is a hoax because they dug into Hankook Mirae’s organization, saw that the company has only worked with Bulgarov, and couldn’t find any more engineers that had worked on Method-2. They couldn’t believe that something so high tech wasn’t advertised and that there wasn’t any information out there. Bulgarov actually responded to them with the following:

“If you look at this from a Western point of view, then yeah, that might seem strange, but in that part of the world, the culture is a little different. The company wants to make something first before they advertise themselves.”

Hankook Mirae also responded saying that they weren’t expecting the hype from social media, so they weren’t prepared to give an official unveiling or press release. The designers said they are hoping to officially unveil the mech later this year. In order to calm the angry, doubtful hordes, Bulgarov posted another video showing Method-2 taking its first steps.


What do you think? Do you believe this is legitimate or a hoax? Let us know in the comments section below and make sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter. Do you happen to be a lover of tech? Check these reviews out:

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