This Batman x Superman Collectible Just Oozes Love (Hilariously), Available Now!

There’s a new DC collectible for fans of Superman and the much darker Batman. The latest figure comes from our friends over at ThinkGeek and let’s all take a moment to sit back and appreciate how damn happy Superman looks. You can almost hear Aladdin’s “I can show you the world” playing in the background. It’s precious and nothing you could say will change our minds.

The collectible piece is inspired by the Rebirth versions of both characters, putting a more playful spin on the usually more stoic characters. Plus … Batman, buddy – lighten up, my dude.

According to the official product listing, “We love the expressions on the faces of the superheroes in this little statue. An adorable Superman carries an unimpressed Batman through the sky. Everything about Supes from his shiny white teeth to his pointed toes expresses his elation. Everything about Bats from his crossed arms to his scowl mutters “Stupid superpowers.” If he only had a longer grappling hook line, he wouldn’t be subjected to such indignities. Gotta get Alfred on that. Well, since they’re so high in the clouds maybe nobody will see them….”

ThinkGeek also added, “Unfortunately for Batman, QMx caught them in the act and turned it into a little figurine for posterity. From Quantum Mechanix, Q-Figs bring the world of DC Comics and the Japanese cuteness of chibi together. You might die because you’re a bad guy and one of these heroes has it out for you, or you might die from the cute. Six of one; half a dozen of the other.”

Interested in scooping one up? They are available now and for only 30 bucks!

Purchase here! 

What do you think about this delightful pair? Is love in the air or are we just being weirder than usual? Because honestly, both options seem entirely plausible! Don’t forget to scoop yours up today and also sound off with your thoughts on the adorable duo in the comment section below. While you’re at it, hit that follow button over on Twitter for our 24 hour news feed and check out some of these other great collectibles below:

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