Gotham Knights Court of Owls

Gotham Knights Receives New Court Of Owls Story Trailer (VIDEO)

A ton of mysteries exist in the Batman universe and few hold the same level of intrigue as the conspiracy of the Court of Owls. Set up as a mysterious…

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the batman james gordon

Batman Spinoff TV Show Will Reportedly Center Around James Gordon

The Batman franchise has witnessed wild success in live-action adaptions. Whether it’s a TV series or film, the fanbase wants to see its creators dive deeper into the details of…

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Fortnite DC

Fortnite DC Crossover Comic Sends Batman To The Game World

As Fortnite has grown to not just become one of the biggest entities in the gaming world, but also one of the biggest forces in the wider multimedia landscape in…

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Gotham Knights Voice Cast Revealed

Gotham Knights Voice Cast Revealed

Gotham Knights came out of the woodwork in an impressive way, confirming several long-standing rumors while also surprising us with the game’s Batman-less direction. Given that the title will follow…

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Gotham Knights Dev Reveals Why The Court Of Owls Were Chosen As The Game's Villains

Gotham Knights Dev Reveals Why The Court Of Owls Were Chosen As The Game’s Villains

No longer one of the worst kept secrets in the gaming industry, WB Games Montreal’s Gotham Knights title is finally out in the open and expected to arrive at some…

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Gotham Knights Gameplay WB Games Batman

Gotham Knights Gameplay Revealed In New Trailer (VIDEO)

Following all of the leaks, rumors, hints, and teasers, fans were finally treated to a reveal trailer for Gotham Knights, the next title from WB Games Montreal. That said, it…

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Gotham Knights Batman WB Games

Gotham Knights Revealed As Next Batman Game (VIDEO)

There have been many leaks and rumors over recent years that pointed to what the next Batman game from WB Games would be, and then the devs started dropping hints…

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Batman Movie Robert Pattinson

Batman Movie Reboot Official Logo, Artwork Revealed

While the 2020 box office has been decidedly hampered by the global COVID-19 pandemic, many high-profile productions have slowly made headway in the meantime. Whether it be through strategic shooting,…

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DC FanDome

DC FanDome Splits Into Two Events To Avoid Panel Overlap

DC Comics has been hyping up its DC FanDome digital event for a while now. The online fest has been confirmed to hold major updates and announcements for DC Comics…

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Batman Gotham Knights

Batman Gotham Knights Rumor Hints At Batgirl’s Involvement (VIDEO)

Recent tweets by WB Games Montreal and the mysterious r3dakt3d account have seemingly begun a hunt for details concerning the next Batman game, thought to be called Batman Gotham Knights….

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