This Batman x Superman Collectible Just Oozes Love (Hilariously), Available Now!

There’s a new DC collectible for fans of Superman and the much darker Batman. The latest figure comes from our friends over at ThinkGeek and let’s all take a moment…

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Bane Has a Score to Settle With Batman in Upcoming Story Arc (COMICS)

After being infected with fear toxin by Hugo Strange, mysterious new hero Gotham Girl is slowly losing her mind. Batman’s only option to save her was to break into Arkham Asylum and…

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Wonder Woman - The Truth

Wonder Woman Goes Mad in New Story Arc – The Truth

When comics have been around for so long, writers attempt to find new ways to keep things fresh and relevant. As we’ve seen with DC’s Rebirth, characters are getting a…

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The Button watcmen injustice

Batman and The Flash Watch the Watchmen in “The Button” Crossover Event (COMICS)

Last year, DC’s comics line was birthed once more. Call it a “Rebirth”, if you will, as the universe’s main heroes were given new, but familiar backstories. The new continuity has…

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