Hitman 2 Contest Could Put You In Agent 47’s Crosshair (VIDEO)

Hitman’s first season had players coming back to the game regularly after players completed the newest levels to participate in the Elusive Targets game mode. It involved taking Agent 47 back into one of the levels, but with slightly altered geometry, different density of guards around the map, and most importantly new targets to assassinate. The same mode will be coming to Hitman 2, according to a recent contest announcement seen below.

Players who pre-ordered Hitman 2 have access to the Sniper Assassin mini DLC game right now.  Depending on how you do, you may end up on the game’s leaderboard, IO Interactive revealed that they’ll be running a contest that takes the best of the best to compete against each other. In order to participate, prospective participants have to sign up for a free IO account and perform well enough to end up in the top 3 overall scores in Sniper Assassin. This is probably pretty tough as it stands, since many players have had access to the mode, but you may have a shot since the game doesn’t come out until November 6th.

For the most skilled players able to attain this high position, they will have their likenesses digitally rendered for use in future post-launch content. While they didn’t elaborate much further on how your face would factor into this content, IO is saying you will become part of an upcoming Elusive Target season in Hitman 2 as one of 47’s targets.

Unlike the first season of Hitman, the sequel will release all of its missions at one time, so it’s doubtful IO would put the player into one of the game’s many crowd NPC’s that wander around the map. Additionally, the Elusive Targets mode was one of the most lauded aspects of the first game so it only makes sense that it will return. Are you going to try and win the honor of being gunned down by Agent 47? Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more news on Hitman 2 and check out these other fantastic stories from Don’t Feed The Gamers:

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