Back 4 Blood Main Characters Revealed In New Trailer (VIDEO)

Back 4 Blood Main Characters

2021 has several big new titles on the way, with one of the most anticipated being Back 4 Blood. The game is acting as something of a spiritual sequel to the beloved Left 4 Dead series of action games, as its developer, Turtle Rock Studios, was behind the original Left 4 Dead games. While the game suffered a significant delay this year due to complications from the pandemic, the latest footage seems to show the game is progressing along quite nicely. Now, a new trailer has provided more details for the Back 4 Blood main characters that have not been well known until now.

Turtle Rock Studios has released the new Back 4 Blood main characters trailer through the Warner Bros. Games Nordic YouTube channel. The trailer, titled “Meet the Cleaners”. is narrated by the character who identifies herself as Holly. Her special ability is to recover stamina after killing enemies, especially if done with her signature baseball bat with nails named Dottie. She identifies her fellow Cleaners, including Walker, a former military man whose accuracy improves with precision kills and Doc, who gains a healing bonus when low on health. There’s also the hazard-sensing Karlee and sniper Jim, whose damage-dealing power improves with precision kills.

Back 4 Blood Main

The group also has Hoffman, who spawns ammo with kills, and Evangelo, who can break out of restraints made by enemies. Rounding out the group is Mom, who can instantly revive her fellow Cleaners. Holly also provides a description of some types of the monsters referred to as The Ridden. This includes the large Ridden monsters like the Ogre and the Breaker, as well as the Snitcher, whose loud houling will alert swarms of Ridden to come their aid. The game certainly seems like it will be expanding upon the Left 4 Dead games’ trend of providing a diverse arrange of characters and enemies. Back 4 Blood is certainly out 4 the blood of its competitors.

What do you guys think about the Back 4 Blood main characters revealed in this new trailer? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Back 4 Blood news, such as the Back 4 Blood open beta still planned to release some time later this summer, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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