DFTG Reviews Resident Evil 2 Remake - A Masterful Reimagining Of A Classic Survival Game

Resident Evil 2 Review: A Masterful Reimagining Of A Classic Horror Game

Capcom put itself into an interesting predicament when it announced back in 2015 that a Resident Evil 2 remake was in the works. On the one hand, the remake would…

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DFTG 2018 Staff Picks: All Our Favorite Games Of The Year

DFTG 2018 Staff Picks: All Our Favorite Games Of The Year

2018 has arguably been one of the biggest years in gaming thus far, not only due to the vast creative worlds that made their debut, but also because of the…

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DFTG Reviews the Mezzo Gaming Chair from Arozzi – Yellow

As a PC gamer, I have spent a lot of time on making sure my rig is exactly how I want it. From customizable keyboards, a professional gaming mouse, sweet…

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Review Roundup

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Review Roundup

The rootin’-tootin’ cowboy shoot-em-up Red Dead Redemption 2 has all but rolled in, and the gaming public is greatly anticipating another bout of open world Old West. Excitement has only…

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Sinner Sacrifice For Redemption 1

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption Review, Far More Than A Dark Souls Clone

When people complain about Dark Souls, only one strikes me as legitimate. And no, it’s not the difficulty; you knew what you were getting into when you booted up. It’s…

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Diablo III For Nintendo Switch Hands-On, How It Stacks Up To PC (VIDEO)

What happens when our resident “PC Master Race” gamer gets her hands on the Diablo III: Eternal Collection for Nintendo Switch? Beautiful things, friends, beautiful things. We recently got our hands on the…

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Cyberpunk 2077 Hands-on Impressions: Romance, Combat, and ‘Oh My God LiLi Passed Out’ (PODCAST)

E3 2018 may be over and done but it’s not something we’ll soon forget. With amazing reveals, incredible first looks, and just the overwhelming sense of community – it was…

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DFTG Reviews Jurassic World Evolution – “There’s Magic In This Game If You Know Where To Look”

Jurassic World Evolution knows one thing to be true about society: few things inspire youthful imagination like dinosaurs. Most of the modern prehistoric fascination spawned from the Jurassic Park franchise. (A…

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DFTG Reviews Vampyr – An Alluring Tale Of Death And Self-Reflection, Hindered By Its Combat Mechanics

Vampyr promises to be a narrative-focused game with an emphasis on decision-making and to that end, the title certainly delivers from the very start. Players assume the role of renown…

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FOX n FORESTS Review – A Familiar Nod To A Retro Style, But Is It Worth It? (PS4)

Games that use a retro-aesthetic are notoriously common in the indie world, but creators have been able to measure the potential for audience interest in their vision for such a…

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