Retro Video Cartridge Makeup Line Gives Nintendo Fans a New Reason to Cheer

For the retro gaming fan (like yours truly), classic Nintendo is key. Gaining hearts and chomping ghosts became not only a hobby but a quest and a way of life….

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Evil (VIDEO)

Throwback Thursday: A Look Back At ‘Beyond Good & Evil’ (VIDEO)

On December 2, 2003, Beyond Good & Evil released for the original Xbox. The Ubisoft-developed action title featured a standout space adventure, following a young photojournalist and her anthropomorphic pig…

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Snatcher – Hideo Kojima's Cyberpunk Classic (VIDEO)

Throwback Thursday: Snatcher – Hideo Kojima’s Cyberpunk Classic (VIDEO)

On November 30, 1994, Snatcher was released for the Sega CD. From the mind of Metal Gear‘s Hideo Kojima, the 80s-infused adventure was a loving homage to hard-edge sci-fi and…

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Destiny 2 Video Goes Into Why The Bungie Weapon System Is So Flawed (VIDEO)

Bungie has had one hell of a week so far after it was revealed that their in-game XP leveling system was completely … let’s be frank, jacked up. In fact,…

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Nier Automata

NieR Automata’s Director Yoko Taro Talks Success, The Future, Drinking, And Philosophy

Anyone with eyes can tell that the NieR Automata leader Yoko Taro is an eccentric character all on his own. With wise pearls of wisdom and a unique outlook on…

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Player One Coffee Will Have You Screaming “LEEEROOYYYY JENKINNNNNS” In No Time

For those moments when you’re not quite sure when the sun decided to come up … “We mean it when we say it. Everyone who works at Player One Coffee…

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Throwback Thursday: Mass Effect – Reflecting On An Epic Franchise (VIDEO)

On November 20, 2007, Mass Effect was released for the Xbox 360. Presenting the premise of a cinematic space epic, the sprawling action RPG put players on a galaxy-saving quest…

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Injustice 2

DFTG Reviews Injustice 2 (PC) – “An Outstanding Port Worth The Wait”

Now that the PC port for NetherRealm Studios’ Injustice 2 has finally arrived, it’s time for computer gamers to join in on the fun that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One…

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This Overwatch Loot Box Cookie Jar Is The Perfect Place For Those Legendary Snacks!

With all the talk about loot boxes and microtransactions, a lot of gamers are pretty fed up with hearing about it. We get it. So to add a little humorous…

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November 2017 Manga Recommendations – Check Out HIVE, Girls Of The Wild’s, And More

I genuinely enjoy all of these titles for so many different reasons, and most of them I dove right into with a skeptical attitude, especially if they look or ARE…

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