ARGcast #149: Accessibility in Gaming with Steven Spohn of AbleGamers

ARGcast: Accessibility in Gaming With AbleGamers’ Steven Spohn (PODCAST)

Steven Spohn of AbleGamers comes on the show to school us on game accessibility, what it actually means, and how it can be better. You have the power, ARGonauts! AbleGamers…

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The Witcher and Star Wars Collide With This Incredible Ciri Cosplay

Cosplay allows fans to take on the roles of their favorite characters in the flesh. While some cosplayers are incredibly talented at creating pieces that are true to the source…

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ARGcast #148: The Games That Changed Us with Sean Baptiste

ARGcast: The Games That Changed Us With Bethesda’s Sean Baptiste (PODCAST)

Bethesda’s own Sean Baptiste comes on the show to talk to us about the games that changed us including his own favorite Rescue on Fractalus! Feel the impact, ARGonauts! Sean…

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BioWare’s Anthem Demo Impressions, One Freelancer’s Opinion

As many of you know by now, Anthem is the highly-anticipated action-RPG from BioWare that many have enjoyed comparing to the Destiny franchise. Sure, there are similarities, but not enough…

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ARGcast #147: Sega Saturn with "The Immortal" John Hancock

ARGcast: Sega Saturn with “The Immortal” John Hancock (PODCAST)

Game collector “The Immortal” John Hancock from MetalJesusRocks joins us to chat about the Sega Saturn, its game library, and YOUR favorite memories! Saturn fans, unite! “The Immortal” John Hancock…

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ARGcast #146: POC Protagonists in Gaming with Kahlief Adams

ARGcast: POC Protagonists in Gaming with Kahlief Adams (PODCAST)

Kahlief Adams from Spawn On Me joins us to take a look at the best and worst examples of protagonists who represent people of color (POC) in gaming. Show your…

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This Fallout: New Vegas Cosplay Looks Incredible

With Fallout: New Vegas having just recently celebrated its 8th birthday, the fandom love is more real than ever before. Though we won’t be getting a sequel from Obsidian anytime…

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DFTG Reviews Glass

DFTG Reviews Glass: It Will Not Shatter Your Expectations

Among the big name film directors of the modern era, perhaps none have faced a wider spectrum of perceived quality and public favorability like M. Night Shyamalan. The filmmaker rose…

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Cayde-6 Is Alive If You Count This Incredible Destiny 2 Cosplay, Which We Do

Look – OK, let’s be real. You may be over Cayde-6’s death in Destiny 2, but we’re not. We’re not OK. In fact, we are in a hardcore sense of…

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ARGcast #144: The History of Video Game Publisher LJN

ARGcast: The History of Video Game Publisher LJN (PODCAST)

David and Robert taste the rainbow as they look back on infamous video game publisher LJN and the number of awful licensed titles they released. As if we didn’t start…

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