Best Monthly Subscription Boxes For Video Game And Anime Hobbyists

There are a LOT of monthly subscription boxes out there and available for pretty much any fandom or hobby imaginable. From global snack samples for you foodies out there, bath…

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Jade Empire

Throwback Thursday: Jade Empire – BioWare’s Martial Arts Epic (VIDEO)

Let’s throw back to April 14, 2005, when Jade Empire released for the original Xbox. The game gave players the power to become an unstoppable martial arts master with the…

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Best Detective Pikachu Moments From The Game (VIDEO)

The Great Detective Pikachu, the game you didn’t know you needed that is set for a corresponding movie coming soon. The adorable electric mouse is a timeless icon for the…

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Opinion: Why Anime Video Games Aren’t That Good

The anime fandom is growing. To a greater extent, more people are into anime and manga than ever before. In fact, it has bled over to the video game industry…

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Why Dunkey Is Video Game Comedy Gold (VIDEO)

Sometimes a troll, completely ridiculous, blatantly truthful, or sarcastic, but nevertheless always funny. Known now as videogamedunkey or just plain old Dunkey, this YouTuber made a name for himself throughout…

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DFTG Author Feature – Interview with the Comic Creators from King Bone Press at C2E2

King Bone Press is an independent comic book publisher that focuses on genre styles and creative visions that aren’t seen much in the mainstream comic industry. Their published works include…

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Smash TV

Throwback Thursday: Smash TV – “I’d Buy That For A Dollar!” (VIDEO)

Let’s throw back to April 1990, when Smash TV released for arcades. The game put players in the middle of a violent, over-the-top game show, slaying waves of dangerous enemies…

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DFTG Recaps The Week’s Biggest Movie/TV Trailers: April 4th

DFTG Recaps The Week’s Biggest Movie/TV Trailers: April 4th (VIDEO)

A new week means there’s plenty of new trailers to discover from the realm of movies and TV. April 4th presents a number of original adventures, with highlights being the…

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DFTG Recaps The Week’s Biggest Movie/TV Trailers: March 29th

DFTG Recaps The Week’s Biggest Movie/TV Trailers: March 30th (VIDEO)

A fresh week has arrived, and so too has a number of awesome movie and TV trailers. The week of March 29th debuts new footage of the upcoming Karate Kid…

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Resident Evil

Throwback Thursday: Resident Evil – Home Sweet Horror (VIDEO)

Let’s throw back to March 30th, 1996, when Resident Evil released for the original PlayStation. The game brought the concept of survival horror to the mainstream, terrifying the masses with…

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