LiLi’s Survival Guide for Conventions – Introvert’s Edition

Ah, conventions. An exciting environment where geeks can let their fandom flag fly proudly. A magical place where vendors, artists, and big names throughout the Geek-verse come together to celebrate…

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Dragon Age Inquisition 19.5 Inch Morrigan Statue Full Review – A Cut Above the Rest

Dragon Age is a franchise from the story-telling gurus over at BioWare and they have always had this uncanny ability to weave the most intricate stories and characters that stay…

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For the Readers in the Mass Effect Fandom – Every Comic and Novel Released So Far (and Future Releases)

The Mass Effect franchise spans across four games total so far with plenty more story to tell. What many might not know, however, is that the intricate story of a…

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Tonymoly Has Released Pokémon-Inspired Makeup and Beauty Products – Now Also Available in the US

Catching Pokémon is hard business, as many intrepid trainers may know. But who says catchin’ ’em all means you can’t look good while doing it? Korean-based beauty line Tonymoly has just the…

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Bookwyrm’s 10-Word Comic Reviews & Recs: Batman, Extremity, Colossi and More

No fancy introductions this week for Bookwyrm’s comic segment, ladies and gentlemen. I’ve got a whopper of a headache, I’m going on the absolute bare minimum of required sleep, and…

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Hoi’s Manga Corner – Check out The Rule Breaker, Killer Killer, Murciélago, and More!

Hello and welcome to Hoi’s Manga Corner! Some of these selections may not be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s the point. In order to remain as diverse as possible with…

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Bookwyrm’s 10-Word Comic Reviews & Recs: X-Men Prime, Cosmic Scoundrels, Lazarus & More

I don’t think you guys understand how much I like writing these articles for you. In order to find the best comics this week had to offer, I actually endured…

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Ruby Rei – A Video Game That Takes Players on an Epic Journey While Learning New Languages (VIDEO)

Twitter is a magical place with limited character usage. Sometimes you get those weird spam bots looking to hook you up with local singles, but mostly it is a place of…

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Bookwyrm’s 10-Word Comic Reviews & Recs: Helena Crash, X-O Manowar, The Few & More

And the indie train continues. I swear, I wish I had given the other imprints a chance back when I had a lot more disposable time and income. Before kids,…

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Real Escape Game

The DFTG Experience: Defenders of the Triforce by Real Escape Game and The Legend of Zelda

Let it be said that the Defenders of the Triforce escape room live event was all sorts of fun – rife with puzzles and riddles in need of problem solving. Some…

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