Oculus Rift swaps genders

Oculus Rift Swaps Genders in “Machine to be Another” Project – NSFW (VIDEO)

The Oculus Rift and VR devices like it are swiftly becoming as much a tool as a toy in the gaming industry. More and more we are seeing these devices…

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Steam Update

New Steam Update Makes Life Easier – Use Any Controller With New Update

Everyone loves a good Steam update, right? Bugs get fixed, features get added, and it’s usually a good time for all. What’s not to love? The latest Steam update has added…

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PlayStation VR’s YouTube App Now Includes 360-degree Video Playback Capability

PlayStation VR has finally updated their YouTube app to play 360-degree videos, and we have to say that it’s about time! Since the platform’s launch in October, PSVR has been…

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Japan’s Mini Famicom Modded into Fully-Functional Game Boy Look-a-Like (VIDEO)

There are brilliant engineers out there in the world. They are people who do amazing things with their skills and have a love for their craft. One such person is a…

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CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, Will Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

The organizers of the Game Developers Conference have announced that the founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, will be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award during their show on March 1st….

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An Xbox One Slim Turned into a Laptop Thanks to One Creative Modder (VIDEO)

Gamers – we can get really creative sometimes and this is especially true for those who put time into the craft of modification, or “modding”. This particular modder took the…

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Gabe Newell AMA Header

Valve’s Gabe Newell AMA RECAP – Source 2, Left 4 Dead, VR, and More

It was confirmed earlier this week that there would be a Gabe Newell AMA on Reddit, leaving many people excited and hanging around the subreddit waiting to hear from our lord…

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Microsoft Australia

Microsoft Australia is Giving Away an Inflatable Xbox One Controller

The ever growing list of nerdy collectibles gaming fans can get their hands on has just grown again with a brand new controller from Microsoft. This time, however? Fans are…

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NES Classic shortage

Nintendo Speaks Out About NES Classic Shortage and Nintendo Switch

Back in October, Nintendo released the NES Classic to hungry fans across the globe. That same day, stores country-wide sold out of the system in a mass shortage that still…

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Micro SDXC Card Support

Nintendo Switch Will Provide Micro SDXC Card Support For Up To 2TB

Switch fever is in full swing with the device selling out at major retailers, despite some fan concerns over the device. One of the biggest fan concerns for the much…

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