Vortx 4D Environmental Simulator Lets Players Feel On-Screen Effects Like Fire and Wind

What could possibly make people’s favorite video games and shows even more intense? The feeling of actually being in that world, feeling what the characters feel, and getting lost in…

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PS4 Controllers

Three Newly Licensed PS4 Controllers Announced, Three Very Different Designs

To keep up with the demand of gamers wanting to customise their setups, companies are coming up with new innovative and stylish ways to give the player what they want….

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SNES Classic Hack Adds More Games And Other Useful Features (VIDEO)

SNES Classic Hack Adds More Games And Other Useful Features (VIDEO)

Just like their previous microconsole, Nintendo has another hardware hit on their hands with the SNES Classic Edition. It’s not hard to see why when it sports such an impressive…

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WWII PS4 Shown Off In New Trailer (VIDEO)

Limited Edition Call of Duty: WWII PS4 Featured In Brand New Trailer (VIDEO)

Only a month remains before Call of Duty: WWII hits stores, and the game already has a number of non-essential goodies in store for players. There’s a Special Edition backpack,…

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Microsoft Talks About What It Takes To Build An Xbox One X

A couple of guys from the Microsoft team recently spoke about what it actually takes to build a console from the ground up. Senior Designer for the Microsoft Device Design…

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Master Chief Riding Scorpion Xbox One X

Every Xbox One X Contains Master Chief Tribute Inside (VIDEO)

Last year’s E3 was a big one for Microsoft and Xbox. The official announcement of Project Scorpio sent shock waves across the gaming universe as Phil Spencer dubbed the upgraded…

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New PlayStation VR headset

Sony Announces New PlayStation VR Headset Model

Some exciting news for our Sony PlayStation VR fans out there.  Sony has officially announced that a new model of its PlayStation VR headset is coming soon.  The new version…

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PlayStation 4 Software Update

PlayStation 4 Software Update 5.0 Arrives With a Plethora of New Features

Sony’s much anticipated PlayStation 4 software update 5.0 has finally arrived. With a bounty of new features coming along for the ride, fans are sure to get lost in a…

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Fallout 4's VR

Fallout 4 VR Free With HTC Vive Bundle

The release date for Fallout 4 VR was announced nearly a month ago for the HTC Vive. With that date coming closer HTC has announced that the anticipated post-apocalyptic VR…

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Commodore 64 Mini

Retro Games Announces Commodore 64 Mini Console – Equipped With 64 Games!

Today, the retro-minded subset of gamer culture has largely been consumed by the launch of the Super NES Classic Edition. This is Nintendo’s second foray into re-purposing a collection of the…

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