PlayStation Responds To PS4 Spam Messages Breaking Consoles Issue

It’s a difficult situation to ignore, and it’s a surprise an official response has not been established by Sony and company sooner. Waves of reports circulated all over social media…

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PS4 Users Warned As Spam Messages Reportedly Breaking Consoles

Netizens across Reddit have reported a spam message spreading across PlayStation 4 consoles via private messages, causing system crashes and even forcing factory resets for some. The string of reports…

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Star Citizen

Star Citizen Alpha Adds Webcam Facial Mapping To 3.3 Update (VIDEO)

Released on October 10th, Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 comes with plenty of new features, the most impressive of which is the integration of facial mapping to the game. While players…

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Microsoft Announces “Project xCloud” Game Streaming Service (VIDEO)

Microsoft finally announces the official through official avenues that a brand new game streaming service will make way in the industry. Earlier this Summer at E3 2018, Phil Spencer and…

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Sony Reportedly Adding Hardware V-Sync Support To The PS5

PS5: Sony Reportedly Targeting An Important Feature For Next Gen

Late last week, it was discovered that Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC had registered for a patent earlier this year titled “Remastering by emulation,” which is highly suggestive of some…

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Overwatch: Mei’s Levitating Snowball Will Keep You Cool With This Collectible Charger (VIDEO)

Desk buddies, we can’t get enough of them whether they be figures, photos, or a levitating snowball just like Mei’s. If you work in an office or have a desk…

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Nintendo Switch

New Nintendo Switch Model Reportedly Releasing Next Year

It’s been a year and a half since Nintendo released their hybrid console and the hardware continues to be a soaring success. With over 20 million units sold, the online…

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Oculus Quest Standalone All-In-One VR Headset

Oculus Announces All-In-One VR Headset, ‘Oculus Quest’ (VIDEO)

Today saw VR developers assemble for the Oculus Connect conference where a new piece of hardware was set to be announced at the event. Facebook would unveil the Oculus Quest, an upcoming…

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Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse Support Arriving Next Month

Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse Support Arriving Next Month

Earlier this year, leaked documents revealed that Microsoft was finally working on the long overdue keyboard and mouse support for its flagship console, the Xbox One. The documents revealed that…

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Sega Genesis Mini Delay

Sega Genesis Mini Delay Pushes Release Date To 2019

Gamers are still high on the hype from the announcement of the PlayStation Classic device made public earlier this week. This new gizmo being released by Sony is yet another…

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