Nintendo Switch Red Blue Mario Special Edition

Nintendo Switch Mario Red And Blue Edition Arrives Next Month

Nintendo has spent the last several months celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario franchise, with a number of special releases and events centered on the Mushroom Kingdom’s resident…

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Xbox Series X

New Xbox Series X/S Pulse Red Controller Revealed

Microsoft offers a whole host of color combinations for the Xbox One and Xbox One X, but as far as the current generation of consoles is concerned, there isn’t much…

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PS4 Models

Sony Japan Is Discontinuing Nearly All PS4 Models

An exciting new generation at Sony has begun with the launch of the PlayStation 5. While the console has been notoriously difficult to obtain, the lucky customers that have one…

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KFC Video Game Console KFConsole

KFC Video Game Console Plays Games And Heats Chicken (VIDEO)

As social media-based marketing continues to evolve and become a bigger focus for advertising major companies, gamers seem to be a demographic gaining that much more attention from said efforts….

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Cuphead Gets Snazzy New Controllers From PowerA

PowerA is a company that brings fans controllers and accessories for platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, with each themed around various franchises such as Pokémon or…

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Xbox xCloud Streaming Microsoft xCloud

Xbox Is Exploring Accessibility Options For Gamers With Epilepsy

As we usher in the next generation of consoles, the debuting hardware of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X currently offers two of the most powerful gaming experiences ever…

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PS5 Simulator

PS5 Simulator Lets You Pretend To Own Sony’s New Console (VIDEO)

After months of hype, the PlayStation 5 is finally here and many players have been enjoying the Sony side of next-generation consoles. However, months of pre-order woes have made access…

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PS5 DualSense Steam

PS5 DualSense Support Added To Steam Beta

The next generation of gaming has officially become the new generation as both the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 have arrived, offering console gamers an updated experience and fresh…

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PS5 Hands-On Confirms Its Cooling Fans Run Silently After Extended Use

PS5 Could See 1440p Support Added “If It’s Requested Enough”

It was recently revealed that the upcoming PS5 will not offer support for 1440p resolution, which was a surprise to many as it has become one of the more popular…

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Xbox Series X/S Launch

Every Xbox Series X/S Launch Title Confirmed (VIDEO)

In the last few years, Xbox has been slowly manifesting into an innovative gamer-centric platform with the advent of services like Xbox Game Pass, the game-streaming xCloud, as well as multi-generation…

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