Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Adds Stardew Valley, Halo Infinite, And 10 More (VIDEO)

With December now entering full swing, the latest Xbox Game Pass selections have been unleashed, introducing quite a few new games to the multi-platform subscription service. As Microsoft continues to…

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PS5 Scalper Bot

Xbox, PS5 Scalper Bots Could Be Banned By New US Legislation

While the new generation of video game consoles has been available for a little more than a year so far, sadly many prospective owners have not been able to get…

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Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Players Want Cross-Play Disabled Due To Cheaters

Cross-play can have huge benefits in the gaming world for its ability to bring friends together, regardless of platform, to play a variety of games. Still, there can be some…

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PS5 CMOS Battery Issue Reportedly Solved In Recent Update (VIDEO)

Considering the console’s enhanced 4K capabilities, lighting fast SSD storage, and the interactive DualSense controller, the PlayStation 5 is capable of some incredible next-gen feats. However, as discovered by the…

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Nintendo Switch Online N64 Games

Nintendo Switch Online Datamine Teases Dozens Of N64 Games

Going live earlier this week, Nintendo Switch Online finally introduced its awaited Expansion Pack plan, presenting subscribers with premium access to a classic collection of N64 and SEGA Genesis games…

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Razer Reveals New RGB-Enabled PC Fans, Liquid Coolers, And PSUs

Razer Reveals New RGB-Enabled PC Fans, Liquid Coolers, And PSUs

Though gaming peripheral company Razer often finds itself trailblazing towards some notably strange (if effective) new products, its latest reveal is admittedly on the tamer side of things. The company has…

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Kingdom Hearts Nintendo Switch Non-Cloud Ports “Undecided” For Now

Outside the likes of spin-off title Melody of Memory, the Kingdom Hearts series has largely sat out the hybrid offerings of the Nintendo Switch, but the games’ absence is now…

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Xbox Series X Fridge

Xbox Series X Fridge Is Officially Real – Here’s How To Get One

The power of memes triumphs once again! Microsoft has officially confirmed its much-memed Xbox Series X fridge concept is becoming an official purchasable product. After endlessly comparing the new Xbox…

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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Xbox Series X SpongeBob SquarePants

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Xbox Series X Console Giveaway Revealed

Following the recent release of the Super Smash Bros.-esque platform brawler, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is now preparing to get the next-gen Xbox Series X treatment by way of an all-new…

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Xbox Insider Program Adds New Stat Tracking Feature

Statistics are a big part of the lives of many players including such data as kill/death ratio, hours spent within a game, or even just character stats. It’s nice being…

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