Dreamcast Mini Possibly Teased By Sega

Dreamcast Mini Would Be Too Expensive, Says SEGA Producer

Several years out from the trend’s peak popularity, there certainly still exists an audience for retro mini consoles, with even publishers like PlayStation and Nintendo still dipping their toes into…

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PlayStation VR2

PlayStation VR2: 5 New VR Games Revealed By Sony (VIDEO)

Sony unleashed a monsoon of reveals this week with its latest State of Play presentation, showing off such anticipated projects as the colorful brawling revamp Street Fighter 6, the Dead…

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Xbox Deep Pink Controller

Xbox Deep Pink Wireless Controller Now Available

It may be hard for newer gamers to fathom, but video game console makers used to make numerous types of styles of their controllers available, especially in different colors. Veteran…

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Chip Shortage

Chip Shortage To Continue Into 2024, Says Intel Boss

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the video game industry in many ways over the past two years, and it seems that these points of impact will still continue even as…

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Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal PC System Requirements Revealed

Years after being announced as an experience solely revolved around mobile devices, Diablo Immortal is now officially coming to PC, as recently announced by Activision Blizzard. The port is being…

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DualSense Controllers

DualSense Controllers Can Now Be Updated On PC Without PS5

So far in the next-gen video game console battle, the PlayStation 5 seems to be doing quite well for itself. One particular aspect of the device that gives it an…

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Xbox Sonic Controllers Fuzzy

These Xbox Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Controllers Are Extra Fuzzy

Xbox is quite well-known for the assortment of controllers it put out over the years, with players even able to craft their own using Xbox Design Lab. However, the green…

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Valve CEO Gabe Newell

Valve CEO Gabe Newell Delivers Steam Decks In-Person (VIDEO)

Valve has earned its way towards the top of the gaming industry, pivoting from its start as a developer to a digital gaming platform and hardware creator. Valve’s Steam platform…

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Nintendo Switch sales

Nintendo Switch Sales Reach 100 Million, Surpassing Wii

Nintendo has had a successful time in the video game industry for nearly four decades, the company has only continued to endure. While it has ebbed and flowed, Nintendo’s console…

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Xbox One S

Xbox One Officially Discontinued As Series X/S Sales Soar

The Xbox One served us well over the last seven years, but it appears the console is now officially finished. A year after the grand launch of the next-gen Series…

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