RUMOR: Gamestop Managers Spill the Beans on Possible SNES Classic Relaunch

The rumor mill has begun to turn in the development of a possible new system in the works for gamers everywhere. According to an article on Destructoid, it may have…

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Super Mario Brothers adaption

Super Mario Brothers Hololens Adaption Played in Central Park (VIDEO)

Many minds were blown by the introduction of the Hololens in 2016 when demonstrators showed it off with Minecraft on a table top. Since then the gaming headset, designed to…

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Microsoft not profiting

According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft Not Profiting From Xbox One X Sales

One of the biggest announcements at E3 2017 was the reveal of Microsoft’s first 4K-enabled console, the Xbox One X, which is scheduled to launch later this year on November…

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Xbox One X compared to current-gen consoles

Here’s the Xbox One X Compared to Other Current-Gen Consoles

With E3 drawing to a close soon, and the world’s most powerful console being out in the open for everyone to gaze upon, it’s time to see the Xbox One…

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Xbox One X's Destiny 2

Bungie Confirms that the Xbox One X’s Destiny 2 Runs at Similar Frame Rate to PS4 Pro

A few weeks ago, Bungie had confirmed that Destiny 2 would run at 30 FPS on the PlayStation 4 Pro as the console isn’t powerful enough to run at 60 FPS….

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PlayStation 4 Cross-Platform

Sony Gives Reasoning for Lack of PlayStation 4 Cross-Platform Functionality

While perhaps it contained a smaller amount of new game announcements compared to their E3 conferences of years past, Sony’s presentation at E3 this year seems to have been generally…

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Starlink: Battle for Atlas Trailer Reveals Interactive Models (VIDEO)

A trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming title Starlink: Battle for Atlas has caught the attention of many gamers out there. Revealed during Ubisoft’s E3 press conference, this trailer reveals a wildly…

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Project Scorpio name

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Name Officially Revealed – Here’s What it Looks Like (VIDEO)

Microsoft’s E3 presentation is finally upon us and it started with a bang. The opening video showed resolutions throughout the years, which all lead up to today’s 4K capabilities. Coincidentaly,…

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Project Scorpio price

Geoff Keighley Confidently Tweets Project Scorpio Price Hours Prior to Microsoft’s E3 Event

We are in the final hours before Microsoft’s E3 presentation, and the hype train is moving at such an accelerated rate, it’s about to fly off the rails. Of course,…

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Xbox One S

Xbox One S to Receive $50 Price Cut Upon Project Scorpio Reveal

It’s usually when new consoles arrive that gamers get a chance to pick up the predecessors at a cheaper price. However, in celebration of the reveal of Microsoft’s long-awaited Project…

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