Final Fantasy XVI Trailer, Other FF-Related News Anticipated For 35th Anniversary

Final Fantasy XVI Trailer, Other FF-Related News Anticipated For 35th Anniversary

Early on in the development of Final Fantasy XVI Square Enix made the decision to release a minimal amount of information about the game over almost the entirety of the title’s development cycle. This has led to fans knowing very little about the upcoming game, though it seems like that is about to change. With the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy on the horizon, fans can expect a bevvy of new information related to the franchise along with what will most likely be a new trailer and release date for Final Fantasy XVI.

During a recent investor’s call, Square Enix confirmed that it will be releasing several new games this fiscal year, though the company’s focus will be on its major franchises. It is also mentioned that the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy is coming up and to expect news within the coming months. Elsewhere in the call it is mentioned that the latest Final Fantasy XVI trailer had been viewed and there are high expectations for the title.

There are of course more Final Fantasy projects in the works other than Final Fantasy XVI. While Final Fantasy XIV is still enjoying a massive amount of success, it’s a bit early to expect news on a new expansion for the game due to the recent release of Endwalker. As such, if the game does make an appearance during the 35th anniversary festivities, it will be a small one, perhaps with a focus on the latest content update.

A more likely candidate for a featured spot within the anniversary celebrations is the Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2. Producer Yoshinori Kitase stated earlier this year that he anticipated being able to share news about the game at some point this year, and given that 2022 is the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, it wouldn’t be a stretch to expect a first look at the upcoming title.

Last but not least is the infamous NVIDIA leak, which listed both a Final Fantasy IX remake and a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster as titles in development. These are among the least likely candidates for a potential Summer 2022 reveal, though if either title is going to be announced soon, it’ll happen during the franchise’s 35th anniversary.

Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development.

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