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Apex legends Leak Suggests New Bloodhound Skin Coming Soon

Apex Legends has been pulling gamers in from all across the battle royale landscape. From Fortnite fans to PUBG...

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Bethesda Responds to Fallout 76 Player's Plea To Not Ban Them After Glitching Into Sealed Vault 63

Fallout 76, as with most Bethesda games, has its own fair share of bugs and glitches that makes the...

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Rainbow Six Siege Reveals 'Operation Burnt Horizon,' New Operator Details

Rainbow Six Siege is at it again with two new Operators for players to enjoy. Arriving as part of...

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Apex Legends Players Are Comparing Mirage With The "Roundhouse Hipster" (VIDEO)

Apex Legends is off to quite an impressive start, racking up over 10 million users playing within the first...

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Apex Legends Has A Secret 'Heirloom' Item Set

Apex Legends has been absolutely destroying the battle royale competition ever since it released earlier this week. A free-to-play...

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Apex Legends Leak Reveals Solo And Duo Modes Arriving Soon

Battle royale game Apex Legends has had an impressive launch week, racking up over 10 million players within the...

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The Witcher's Monster Hunter World Crossover Event Is Now Live, Ciri Included

Earlier this year, Capcom made the surprise announcement that CD Projekt RED’s Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series...

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Metro Creator Shares New Video About The Epic Games Backlash For Metro Exodus

Recently, it was revealed that 4A Games’ highly anticipated Metro Exodus would not be releasing through Steam, but instead...

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Apex Legends Has an Adorable Overwatch Bastion Tribute

Free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends has been a smash hit since its release earlier this week, recently hitting...

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How to Avoid Crashes in The Division 2 Beta

After quite a lengthy wait, The Division 2 beta is finally live for those looking to test out the...

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