Amazing Anthem Ranger Javelin Cosplay Stands Over 8 Feet Tall

Ranger Javelin Cosplay

Excitement over the full launch of Anthem later this week is quite high among BioWare fans. The game will launch an ambitious new IP by the beloved developer, and the game’s early impressions so far has shown much promise for the title’s future. Despite not being officially released, fans have been celebrating the game and its new world in creative ways. Some have lovingly made creative custom Javelins in the game’s demo, but one fan has taken this pastime to the real world. A talented cosplayer has created an Anthem Ranger Javelin cosplay that stands over eight feet tall.

Instagram user irradiantcosplay recently shared photos of their new creation on their official profile. The Ranger Javelin cosplay took eighteen months to complete, and was made using only the few Anthem trailers and gameplay clips that were made available over a year ago as the initial points of reference. After painstakingly reviewing each shot of the Ranger Javelin, enough information about the mech suit’s form were drawn to begin crafting. The cosplay stands at eight and a half feet tall, requiring stilts for it to be properly worn by someone of irradiantcosplay’s height.

Upon closer inspection of the Javelin’s kneecaps, one would be able to notice that this is where the cosplayer’s feet are. Not only are stilts required, but the suit can only be worn for short periods of time, as the wearer experiences intense heat inside the suit, and it requires endurance to maintain balance. Irradiantcosplay’s wife also compliments the Ranger Javelin cosplay in some photos with her mechanic cosplay.

These cosplays are quite impressive, and hopefully we see more from this talented couple in the future. Though with Anthem launching soon, one can imagine that they will be as occupied as a manned Javelin for the foreseeable future. What do you guys think about this Anthem Ranger Javelin cosplay? Let us know in the comments below!

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