Anthem Lead Producer Announces Departure From BioWare

Anthem Lead Producer

For much of 2019, the gaming industry has been closely following the state of Anthem, the latest game by fan-favorite developer BioWare. While the game was plagued with various bugs and mixed critical reception at its launch, the game has continued to foster a vibrant and loyal online community. With the game being positioned as an ongoing online experience along the lines of Bungie’s Destiny, EA’s CEO has assured that the game is still a priority months after its launch. However, it seems that changes are still afoot at BioWare, as the Anthem lead producer has announced his departure from BioWare.

Anthem lead producer Ben Irving announced his resignation from BioWare on his official Twitter account. Ben Irving was employed for eight years at BioWare, and besides serving as Anthem’s lead producer, he also filled the same role for Star Wars: The Old Republic. He apparently considered BioWare a “dream place” to work ever since playing Baldur’s Gate.


Some might believe that Irving’s departure may be due to what EA considered to be an under-performance on Anthem’s part, but Irving claims that he is leaving to accept an opportunity at another game development company. It is not uncommon to see employees leave major positions devoted to a specific game at game development companies, given the project-based nature of game development. EA promises that they are still committed to supporting Anthem with new and improved content. We at DFTG wish Irving the best as he pilots his Javelin into the sunset of a bright future.

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