Activision Blizzard France Office Reportedly Shutting Down

Activision Blizzard France

As the gaming and global economy continues to change, the biggest gaming companies constantly find themselves making big changes and moves to survive and grow. One company that has made several decisions for that purpose over the past few years has been Activision. Years after their significant move to bring Blizzard Entertainment into the fold, Activision notably laid off hundreds of employees despite record profits. The coronavirus pandemic has certainly affected the worldwide economy, and has caused businesses to close down or make tough decisions to ensure their long-term existence. Such is the case now with the Activision Blizzard France office reportedly being shut down.

Activision Blizzard To Lay Off Hundreds On Employees, Says Report

As reported by GameInformer, Activision is seemingly closing their office in Versailles, which hosted around 400 employees. Notification of the Activision Blizzard French office closure was sent to these employees earlier this week. The office mainly handled customer service and marketing matters for the European region, with a historically big focus on Blizzard games until more Activision franchises became more covered at the facility. Activision Blizzard has not specifically mentioned when or if any layoffs will be issued because of this closure, but it is expected that they will offer at least some of the employees to relocate to a different location for work. There were plans for London to be such a location for half of the employees, but COVID-19 and Brexit have made that option less feasible.

Diablo III

The employees will supposedly be given more information next regarding the closure and what impact it will have on their future with the company. Thankfully, France has much better mandatory severance pay laws for layoffs when compared to the US and other developed nations, so if any employees end up laid off, they will have a bit of a safety net. Hopefully though Activision is able to retain most of the employees to some extent, or that the employees are able to find other work fast. Situations like these really do prove that economic changes and Activision themselves can be the biggest Diablo of them all.

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