Kaplan Reveals 25th Overwatch Hero is “Very Far Along in Development” – Could it be Doomfist?

In an interview, Game Director Jeff Kaplan revealed that not only does he know who the 25th Overwatch hero is, but he also says the character is “very far along in development” and to the point that they are already “doing art for that hero”. The last playable character to join the roster was the android Orisa who arrived last month, and according to Kaplan, the next character is being aggressively play-tested right this minute.

We know what that hero, what the abilities are and how they interact, so we’re at that point. The heroes past that hero are more in prototype, exploration phase but the next hero we’re pretty set on.”

Since launch, there have been 3 new heroes added which include a healer (Ana), an offensive hero (Sombra), and a tank (Orisa), so there has been speculation that whoever the next hero is will be a defensive character. When asked if it was “safe to assume” the next hero would be defensive, Kaplan responded, “No it is not safe to assume that.” Well, is it safe to assume that the new hero will be Doomfist? He has been teased on occasion through continuous references sprinkled throughout updates and more, so will Blizzard finally follow through? Even Terry Crews continues to hint at voicing Doomfist and after Blizzard took ages to reveal Sombra after dropping breadcrumbs for some time, one could hope that the company doesn’t drag out this character reveal for just as long.

25th Overwatch hero

Who will the 25th Overwatch hero be? Is it finally time for Doomfist to step into the spotlight? Make a guess in the comments section below or start a debate about it on the DFTG Disqus channel. Need Overwatch news updates as they happen? Be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter. In the meantime, check out these other sweet Overwatch articles below:

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