We’ve Met Sombra – DFTG’s Analysis of the Latest Hacker to Hit the Overwatch Roster


After months of speculation, Overwatch’s newest character, Sombra, has been officially revealed. The revealing came from Blizzard Entertainment’s BlizzCon 2016. A new animated short, Infiltration was shown as in introduction to the new character. After watching the short, here’s our analysis of the elusive hacker.


Right off the bat, we can tell that Sombra is a young and spunky hacker. As she hacks into a security system, she chuckles and says, “I thought this was supposed to be the most advanced security system on the planet.” As Reaper and Widowmaker  try to keep the seriousness of the mission, Sombra acts as if she is bored of the task at hand. The mission, it seems, is to take out a Russian scientist. Sombra gains her teammates access into the facility. As Reaper and Widowmaker make their way to there targeted areas, we see Sombra using a sort of digital camouflage to sneak her way around.


Reaper approaches a locked door and requests that our new hacker open it for him. Sombra opens the door then quickly closes it and laughs. This is where we see the comedic side of the new character. She’s a prankster as well as an incredible hacker. As Widowmaker sets herself up to assassinate her target we learn that the scientist has built a new mech to “ensure the future of Russia.” Just as Widowmaker is about to take her shot, an alarm sounds and she misses her shot due to the confusion. After Reaper takes out some unsuspecting soldiers, he calls on Sombra. Here, we witness some amazing acrobatics as well as some of her possible in-game abilities. Armed with some flashy energy dispensing gloves, and a sub-machine gun, Sombra makes her way to the target.


We soon learn that she is not interested in killing the scientist. Instead, she used Reaper and Widowmaker to help her get to the target in order to use a little blackmail for a future favor. It seems that Sombra has some evidence that could ruin the scientist’s validity in Russia. As guards make their way in to the office, Sombra says she’ll “be in touch” and leaves with a “BOOP” to the target’s nose.


Our new hacker leaves the office undetected and returns to inform Reaper and Widowmaker that she failed the mission. The unsuspecting Reaper calls the team back to their ship. As we can see, Sombra is not one of the “bad guys” in Overwatch. Not quite a “good guy” either.  You can check out the full version of the animated short Infiltration below:

What are your thoughts on Overwatch’s latest roster member? Are you excited to see what she is capable of? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned with DFTG  for more coverage of BlizzCon 2016 and all of your gaming news.

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