Wendy’s Tabletop RPG Feast of Legends Will Make You Roll For Fresh Beef

Wendy’s tabletop RPG

With social media becoming a massive marketing tool, fast food restaurants have been quick to use these platforms to promote their businesses. Gamers have noticed that they have become a common focus of fast food social media accounts, with companies like Arby’s and KFC quick to make video game references in tweets and in artwork. Wendy’s has been known for this trend also, most recently with a custom Wendy’s themed Super Smash Bros Ultimate level for players to try. Now, Wendy’s is now catering to tabletop gaming fans with a new Wendy’s tabletop RPG.

As seen on their official Twitter account, Wendy’s has unveiled the Wendy’s tabletop RPG at New York Comic Con this week. The RPG is titled Feast of Legends, and is available now for free in the form of a 97-page pdf on the game’s official website. The game is quite similar to that of Dungeons and Dragons, and has various player classes such as the rogueish Order of the Chicken Nuggets or the magic-using Order of the Frosty.

Players will be subjects of the kingdom of Freshtovia, caught in a war against the Ice Jester and The Creepy King, obvious parodies of Ronald McDonald and the Burger King. To celebrate the game’s release, D&D darling show Critical Role will be trying out the game on a new livestream at 7 PM PT today. This is quite a brilliant idea and a great show of support for the tabletop community. Let’s hope no one crit fails and ends up with turkey bacon on their baconator.

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