Wendy’s tabletop RPG

Wendy’s Tabletop RPG Feast of Legends Will Make You Roll For Fresh Beef

With social media becoming a massive marketing tool, fast food restaurants have been quick to use these platforms to promote their businesses. Gamers have noticed that they have become a…

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Wendy’s Super Smash Bros

Wendy’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stage Is Fresh, Never Frozen (VIDEO)

It has been almost a year since Super Smash Bros Ultimate first launchEd, and the series has found numerous reasons to encourage players to return to the fighting madness. A…

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Wendy's x Fortnite

Wendy’s Trolls Fortnite In The Most Delicious Way Possible

Many people on the internet might already be aware, but for those who aren’t, fast food chain Wendy’s is a huge troll. They take to their Twitter on a regular…

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