Wendy’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stage Is Fresh, Never Frozen (VIDEO)

Wendy’s Super Smash Bros

It has been almost a year since Super Smash Bros Ultimate first launchEd, and the series has found numerous reasons to encourage players to return to the fighting madness. A big part has been the new updates for the game, bringing brand new DLC fighters like the Dragon Quest Hero or Banjo-Kazooie. Another big new feature has been the inclusion of a stage builder, which has allowed players to make their own custom stages to fight in. These custom stages have been quite creative, but one fan’s custom Wendy’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate stage has proven to be as a cool as a frosty to the Internet.

Twitter user Toonaurz recently shared their custom Wendy’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate stage on their official Twitter account. Toonaurz created the stage with the custom stage builder tool, and while somewhat minimal, it is unmistakably like a Wendy’s restaurant. Aside from the traditional building, the stage also depicts parking spaces, an outdoor seating area and the classic Wendy’s logo on an outdoor sign.


The Toonaurz tweet showing the stage even ended up getting shared by the actual verified Wendy’s Twitter account. This account has become a bit of a meme in its own right for saying sarcastic and snarky posts, including here where Wendy’s challenges fighters to “1v1 me out front no weapons.” Wendy’s has been known to make jokes about video games in the past, and this only adds to that trend. While Wendy’s probably won’t see an official stage any time soon, fingers crossed that founder Dave Thomas ends up as one of the last DLC fighters to be added to the game. That would be fresh af, and never frozen. What do you guys think about this custom Wendy’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage? Let us know in the comments below!

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