SAG-AFTRA Video Game Strike Becomes Second Longest SAG Strike Ever

Second Longest SAG Strike

We here at Don’t Feed the Gamers have been closely following the currently ongoing SAG-AFTRA Strike pertaining to video game voice actors being mistreated by game publishers since it first began in October of last year. The actors participating in the strike have been picketing at the headquarters of the biggest game developers, such as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Electronic Arts, and they have made their demands for the publishers clear and known. However, there has been little response, in words or action, on the part of these publishers to bring the strike to an end. As such, the strike has now become the second longest SAG strike in history.

A new report from Deadline recognizes that the current SAG-AFTRA strike is now in its 96th day, which places the strike now as the second longest SAG strike. The previous second longest strike ended on its 95th day in 1980 as an agreement was made over the contract terms for pay TV and videocasettes. This leaves only the 183-day SAG strike pertaining to commercials as the longest lasting SAG strike over the current event. Another three months would need to pass before this ongoing strike would surpass the record holder.

The strike’s biggest issue of contention continues to regard residuals, which the gaming industry does not currently use as a bonus incentive in the event of a game performing exceptionally well. SAG-AFTRA is demanding a full-scale payment system for bonus residuals at every 500,000 units of a game sold, capping at 2 million units. What do you guys think about the SAG-AFTRA strike now becoming the second largest SAG strike in history? Do you think this will become the longest lasting strike? Let us know in the comments below.

Be sure to stay tuned in for the latest SAG-AFTRA strike news, such as Nolan North’s speech on why performance matters at The Game Awards, here on Don’t Feed The Gamers!

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