Nolan North Doesn’t Mince Words About Whose Performance Matters (VIDEO)

Nolan North

Let’s face it, Nolan North practically reigns supreme in the voice actor community, alongside Troy Baker and Jennifer Hale. North, who has been voicing the adventurous Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series for the better part of the past decade, as well as countless other characters throughout video games and television shows, took to the stage on December 1 at The Game Awards. He was on stage to accept the best performance award for his work in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. North also decided to speak a little about performance and how it matters.

With the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes, nobody knew how political the evening would be, especially with so many well known voice actors in one place. After first thanking his wife, then the entire team at Naughty Dog, he decided to “go out on a limb,” and speak up about the trending #PerformanceMatters. Nolan went on to say:

“The performance of every designer, every programmer, every artist, every hard working, talented person at that office…not only Naughty Dog, but all the developers that I’ve worked with, but Naughty Dog in particular because I’ve been with them for so long. That performance is so important. They are so talented. They are so hard working…and…their performance matters more than mine. That’s important to understand in this day and age, with all the talk going back and forth. Because without their performance, my performance would not only not matter, it wouldn’t exist.”

Those are some meaningful words coming from one of the biggest names to ever lend their voice to video games. While he seemingly dismisses the voice actors in the equation altogether, he shines light onto another group of people who maybe don’t get the appreciation they deserve. If it were not for the collective performance of everyone involved, none of it would matter. You can watch the full acceptance speech below. Good on you, Nolan North, and keep fighting the good fight!

What do you think of this, gamers? Have you been following the SAG-AFTRA strike? Leave us a comment below, and while you’re down there, you’ll find some helpful links to get you caught up on the ongoing negotiations. As always, keep it tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers, because we will SHOW YOU WHAT WE GOT!

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