Ubisoft Gives Away Farcry 3: Blood Dragon

If you haven’t played Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, you should be ashamed of yourself. Fortunately, you can make up for it, as Ubisoft is making Blood Dragon free to PC gamers on November 9th!

This is all part of a Ubisoft ad campaign related to the fact that the company is having it’s 30th birthday. You can get your free games at the Ubi30 website, and you should hurry, since Beyond Good & Evil is still up for grabs!

Farcry 3: Blood Dragon pokes fun at retro-future 80’s action movies, and it plays quite a bit like it’s parent game Farcry 3 with some not so subtle differences. Instead of being a tourist trapped on an island gone mad, the player jumps into the role of Sergeant Rex Power Colt, a cybernetic soldier with a filthy mouth and a soft spot for blowing stuff up.


You may be saying to yourself, “but I don’t have Farcry 3, therefore I can’t play the expansion” but that’s where you’re wrong buddy. Farcry 3: Blood Dragon is what we call stand-alone, meaning you don’t need the original title to gleefully tear out the hearts of cyber henchmen.

Let us know if you got the game in the comments below! Did you enjoy it? Do your eyes hurt from all that neon pink?

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