Twitch Streamer ‘Shroud’ Officially Joins Mixer

Twitch Streamer 'Shroud' Officially Joins Mixer

While a majority of streamers appear to operate through Twitch, there are a few outliers who don’t get quite as much recognition on the gaming platform. Microsoft partnered up with Mixer a while back to bring a new face into the spotlight of video game streaming. Still, it wasn’t until recently that the service started to gain some serious traction with the highly popular streamer Ninja moving to the platform from Twitch. Now another big name has joined up as well, potentially furthering Mixer’s popularity.

A recent post to Twitter saw Michael Grzesiek AKA ‘Shroud’ announce that he too would be moving from Twitch to Mixer. It’s a major move for the streamer and the platform itself. As for what this means for the platform’s future remains to be seen, but with two big names under Mixer’s wing it wouldn’t be surprising to see its popularity rise to even greater heights. It is also possible that other streamers will be drawn to the platform as well, depending on Ninja and Shroud’s success there.

Mixer prides itself on its emphasis on interactivity between streamers and their viewers as well as a strong focus on the quality of the streams themselves rather than a mere number tally of how many views they can achieve. The platform even allows for multiple creators to cooperatively stream at once and gives viewers a chance to interact with the streamer through a variety of fun methods. It’s easy to see why the newcomer to the streaming game is doing well, and hopefully, the increase in popularity will be able to place the competitive spirit needed for both Twitch and Mixer to grow to even greater heights.

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