Netflix Wants To Acquire The Final Fantasy XIV Live-Action TV Series

Netflix Wants To Acquire The Final Fantasy XIV Live-Action TV Series

Hivemind definitely has its work cut out for it for its upcoming live-action Final Fantasy XIV TV series. The studio behind The Expanse and Netflix’s upcoming The Witcher series, Hivemind has been tasked with turning one of the most prevalent MMO RPGs of our time into a series that can stand on its own two feet while also satisfying the game’s vast player base. Despite the show being in its early development phases, it looks like Netflix is already doing everything it can to nab the series for its streaming platform.

Hivemind co-founder Dinesh Shamdasani recently spoke with the folks over at IGN about the upcoming live-actions series, at which point it was revealed that the decision to create a series based on Final Fantasy XIV instead of any of the other games in the series was a very difficult one to make. “It was a hard choice,” Shamdasani said. “VII was definitely up there. Ultimately XIV was the one that we thought, ‘Actually everything we want to do is here’.”

Shamdasani then pivoted over to where the show will end up, stating that Hivemind has yet to choose a streaming platform or specific network. That said, Netflix has “asked consistently about” the live-action series, which is interesting considering how early in development it is. Still, any TV series that promises to have chocobos out the wazoo has already won in my book, so I can’t say I’m surprised about Netflix’s interest. Here’s hoping that wherever the series ends up, it’ll do the MMORPG – and the entire series – the justice it deserves.

The Final Fantasy XIV live-action TV series is now in development.

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