Mixer streaming

Microsoft Ending Mixer Streaming To Partner With Facebook Gaming

The world of gaming culture has seen many evolutions in the 21st century, but perhaps none have been as impactful on the industry as live-streaming services. Twitch has become ubiquitous…

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Twitch Streamer 'Shroud' Officially Joins Mixer

Twitch Streamer ‘Shroud’ Officially Joins Mixer

While a majority of streamers appear to operate through Twitch, there are a few outliers who don’t get quite as much recognition on the gaming platform. Microsoft partnered up with…

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Twitch Streamer Ninja Moves To Mixer, Offers Free Subscriptions (VIDEO)

Twitch Streamer Ninja Moves To Mixer, Offers Free Subscriptions (VIDEO)

Arguably the biggest presence on streaming platform Twitch, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has seen massive success on Amazon’s go-to streaming platform and obtaining a sizable fanbase casually playing the likes of…

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Halo 5

Halo Infinite Director Shuts Down Chances For Battle Royale

Battle royale games have shifted video games forever, transforming niche titles into industry-dominating titans. The genre’s popularity has pushed a number of triple-A developers to add the mode to their…

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Xbox Spring Update Announced Featuring 1440p Support, Immersive Audio Options, And More

With the first day of Spring just a few weeks away, Microsoft has chosen to unveil its feature-heavy Xbox Spring update, which should excite those looking for a more immersive…

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