Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Rickrolls Twitch Streamers (VIDEO)

Guardians of the Galaxy rickrolls

Marvel’s omnipresence in culture is seen widely these days and the video game industry surely has some big projects to reflect that. The newest big Marvel game to release is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, developed by Eidos-Montreal. The game takes the team established by the recent MCU films and puts Eidos-Montreal’s unique take on the team’s dynamics, putting players in control of leader Star-Lord. The studio has promoted the game with the promise of characters like Cosmo the SpaceDog and Adam Warlock. Now, a new promo video has Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy rickrolling famous Twitch streamers.

Eidos-Montreal has released a new promo video on their official Twitter account for the game in which Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy rickrolls some famous Twitch live streamers. The video shows popular streamers DrLupo, Paladin and DanTDM playing the new Guardians video game, viewed from the perspective of a shadowy figure in a hoodie watching the live feeds from behind a desktop gaming setup. The streamers are shown playing a difficult combat section of the game where the Guardians must do a quick team huddle. The players, as Star-Lord, have the options of telling their teams to either “laugh in the face of danger” or “don’t get cocky.” With advice from their chat sections, the streamers all choose “don’t get cocky”, which sadly gets each of their teams defeated.

Galaxy rickrolls

Just after the defeat, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy rickrolls the players with the sudden showing of footage and audio from the classic 80s “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video. The streamers are all in shock, as the hoodied hacker is revealed to be none other than Rick Astley himself, paying tribute to not only his classic rickrolling meme, but the infamous Hackerman meme as well. Rick Astley’s music career has seen a big boost since his classic music video became an internet sensation, and these days, he really has seemed to embrace meme culture in a big way. He really did never give us up, or let us down. Thank you, Rick.

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