Razer Kiyo 03

Razer Kiyo: The Webcam That Comes With Its Own Professional Lighting

Twenty years ago, nobody would have thought that hundreds of thousands of gamers would be making money by live streaming their video games to an online audience. Yet here we…

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Vortx 4D Environmental Simulator Lets Players Feel On-Screen Effects Like Fire and Wind

What could possibly make people’s favorite video games and shows even more intense? The feeling of actually being in that world, feeling what the characters feel, and getting lost in…

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Latest Star Trek: Discovery Trailer Previews a New Look for the Klingon (VIDEO)

The heroes in the various incarnations of Star Trek have all had their fair share of enemy factions, from the Romulan Empire to the Borg Collective and the Tribbles, but…

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Disney Streaming Service

Marvel and Star Wars Will Leave Netflix For New Disney Streaming Service

One of the more recent additions to Netflix that its userbase was looking forward to for quite some time would be the streaming of new Disney home media release titles…

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Atlus Apologizes for Threatening Tone of Persona 5 Streaming Guidlines, Revises Policy

After a huge backlash from players, Atlus has given an apology for the threatening tone used in their Persona 5 streaming guidelines. When the highly anticipated RPG was released in…

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‘The Talos Principle’ Publisher Pokes Fun at Persona 5’s Streaming Rules

With the highly anticipated release of Persona 5 finally here, there was a lot of common surrounding the sought after title – and not all of it was about player…

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Soon You Can Buy PC Games from Twitch and Streamers Get a Cut of the Profit

Soon the streaming service Twitch will start selling digital copies of PC games directly from your favorite streamers pages. They announced the new feature today and plan for Spring of…

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Nvidia Announces GeForce Now Turning Any PC Into A Gaming PC

Not everyone has a PC set up that can handle the high-quality games coming out lately. This is becoming a problem for gamers in this modern day and age. To…

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China Bans Unapproved Indie Games from Streaming

A new regulation has passed in China, putting a major kebash on the gaming industry for everyone involved. Just two days ago, The Ministry of Culture posted a new law,…

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EA has Established Disclosure Rules to Sponsored Streamers

A recent change in EA’s business guidelines has established new rules for streamers and Youtubers sponsored to advertise the company’s video games. According to EA’s German blog, these new disclosure rules have…

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