Twisted Metal Reboot Might Be Free-To-Play On PS5

Twisted Metal Reboot

While Sony’s PlayStation brand holds strong in the lead of the video game console market, their exclusive games grow in value as the reasons gamers go to their platform. While Sony has bet big on newer exclusive franchises like Horizon, they have shown that they haven’t forgotten about their classic franchises. One particular classic franchise that has been dormant for about a decade has been Twisted Metal, which started on the original PlayStation console. A live-action television series based on the games has been in the works for a few years now, and now it seems that a Twisted Metal reboot is in the works, though its structure may surprise fans.

Twisted Metal Reboot

VGC has reported about comments given to them by a source close to Lucid Games regarding the upcoming Twisted Metal reboot. Lucid Games was most recently behind Destruction AllStars, which was exclusively for the PlayStation 5. While it was a vehicular combat like Twisted Metal, the game has not been fairly met well by critics or players. Still, it seems that Sony is still going full force in having Lucid start their take on Twisted Metal.

Twisted Metal Reboot

However, one particular key detail from the source suggests that their upcoming Twisted Metal reboot will utilize a free-to-play model, which is a departure from the typical retail price model that the previous games in the Twisted Metal series had all used. Sony Interactive Entertainment had previously stated their intention to venture more into the free-to-play market for their first-party games, and this would certainly fall in line with that. While Lucid did not have much success with Destruction AllStars this year, even leading to other Sony sources to recently suggest they might not still be trusted with this beloved franchise, hopefully any lessons they may have learned with Destruction AllStars will transfer over to this new Twisted Metal game. Seeing that game would certainly satisfy any fan’s Sweet Tooth for Sweet Tooth.

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