Twisted Metal TV Series Being Helmed By Deadpool Writers At Sony

Twisted Metal TV Series

Hollywood has notably tapped the well of video game franchise history to be adapted into blockbuster films in recent years, and lately, it seems that the television industry also set its sights set on the source material as well. A live-action Halo television series is in the works for Showtime, and a live-action Assassin’s Creed series has been greenlit by Netflix as well. Previous reports had indicated that a Twisted Metal TV series would be taking form soon, and now Sony Pictures TV has finally confirmed production on the series will begin under the writers of the live-action Deadpool film.

Twisted Metal TV Series Reportedly In Development At Sony

Variety confirmed the new information disclosed by Sony Pictures Television regarding the Twisted Metal TV series. The project will soon enter production at Sony under the leadership of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writing duo behind the live-action Deadpool and Zombieland films. The series will reportedly follow the plot of the first game in the series, which was first released in 1995. The plot description given by Variety from Sony is as follows:

The show is about a motor-mouthed outsider who is offered a chance at a better life, but only if he can successfully deliver a mysterious package across a post-apocalyptic wasteland. With the help of a trigger-happy car thief, he’ll face savage marauders driving vehicles of destruction and other dangers of the open road, including a deranged clown named who drives an all too familiar ice cream truck, whom fans of the game will know as Sweet Tooth.”

Alongside Reese and Wernick as executive producers, the Twisted Metal TV series will also feature creative input from Cobra Kai’s Michael Jonathan Smith and Bojack Horseman himself, Will Arnett, also serving as executive producers. Will Arnett will work on the project through his Electric Avenue production company, which has led to speculation he might provide the voiceover work for Sweet Tooth. While no casting news has been made official yet, it is still exciting to see yet another classic Sony franchise beginning to take form in a whole new medium. What a Sweet (tooth) feeling it is.

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