This Jurassic Park Reebok Collaboration Spares No Expense

Jurassic Park Reebok

As successful media franchises become even more widely accepted into culture, crossovers and collaborations with other big brands have become more popular. One of the more common types in recent years has been crossovers of pop culture franchises with major fashion brands and labels. Levi’s Jeans helped Pokemon celebrate its 25th anniversary earlier this year with a collaboration clothing line, and Uniqlo commonly has a new crossover every few months. The Jurassic Park franchise has endured for almost three decades, and now a Jurassic Park Reebok collaboration has risen to help hype up the fictional dinosaur theme park.

Jurassic Park Reebok

Reebok has listed the new shoes and clothing items as a part of a new Jurassic Park Reebok collaboration on their official website. Most of the line consists of Reebok’s signature sneakers, with a variety of new designs that each focus on a particular character or element from the Jurassic Park films. For instance, the new Instapump Fury OG sneakers are red, yellow, and green like the SUV vehicles used in the first film. Or take the Dennis Nedry-themed Club C 85s, which utilize a Hawaiian theme like Nedry’s classic shirt and tongues that are yellow like his raincoat. There is even a Mr. DNA-themed pair of shoes that feature cartoon strands of DNA on the soles.

Jurassic Park Reebok

There are also new clothing items included with the new Jurassic Park Reebok collaboration. Several t-shirts featuring the Reebok and Jurassic Park logos are present, as is a denim jacket featuring Mr. DNA on the back. There is even a Jurassic Park utility vest, so fans can pretend that they are like a dinosaur wrangler working at the park. This new collaboration line is perfect for any Jurassic Park fan looking to rep their favorite dino franchise while also looking like a fly hypebeast. No one could have predicted such an iconic crossover, but I guess life found a way.

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