Bigsnax DLC

Bugsnax New BIGsnax DLC Inspired By Jurassic Park 2

With the new generation of gaming consoles, there has been a variety of new game experiences that celebrate the new hardware. One such new title has been Bugsnax, which was…

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Jurassic Park Reebok

This Jurassic Park Reebok Collaboration Spares No Expense

As successful media franchises become even more widely accepted into culture, crossovers and collaborations with other big brands have become more popular. One of the more common types in recent…

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Jurassic World Evolution 2

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Announced For Release This Year (VIDEO)

For almost as long as video games have been around, the tradition of movie tie-in video games has been practiced. While tie-in games for blockbuster movies are somewhat less common…

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Jeff Goldblum Recreates Iconic Pose From Jurassic Park

Jeff Goldblum is the gift that keeps on giving. His acting career continues to thrive in both live-action and animated films and TV, but one of his most iconic roles…

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Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Netflix’s Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Teases New Adventure (VIDEO)

The original Jurassic Park introduced a simple idea, turning the most lethal creatures in history into a source for amusement through varying degrees of science and held within a massive…

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Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Raptors Debunked With New Research

Raptors have been a huge part of the portrayal of dinosaurs for years, from games like Turok or Ark: Survival Evolved to movies like the Jurassic Park franchise. While the…

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Jurassic World Evolution Expansion Revealed, Arrives Later This Month (VIDEO)

In June, Frontier Developments treated fans with a completely free “Fallen Kingdom” update that introduced 6 new dinosaurs species, three new dig sites, additional InGen database entries, and miscellaneous improvements to…

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Netflix November 2018: What's New And What's Leaving (VIDEO)

Netflix November 2018: What’s New And What’s Leaving (VIDEO)

As the spooky season settles and the aroma of pumpkin spice endlessly fills the our nostrils, only two questions arise: how many fried onion crisps to buy for Thanksgiving and…

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Dr. Ian Malcolm

Jurassic Park: Ian Malcolm Statue Proves Life Always Finds A Way

If there’s one thing we know about geek culture and the internet, it has a fascinating, if not sometimes unhealthy, obsession with Jeff Goldblum. This often includes his role as…

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Jurassic World Evolution Reveals Six New Species Profiles (VIDEO)

Frontier Developments, the minds behind Jurassic World Evolution, has revealed six new species profiles. Launched earlier this month with a “mostly positive” reception on Steam, players can create their own…

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