Jurassic Park Reebok

This Jurassic Park Reebok Collaboration Spares No Expense

As successful media franchises become even more widely accepted into culture, crossovers and collaborations with other big brands have become more popular. One of the more common types in recent…

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Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Raptors Debunked With New Research

Raptors have been a huge part of the portrayal of dinosaurs for years, from games like Turok or Ark: Survival Evolved to movies like the Jurassic Park franchise. While the…

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Jurassic World Evolution Expansion Revealed, Arrives Later This Month (VIDEO)

In June, Frontier Developments treated fans with a completely free “Fallen Kingdom” update that introduced 6 new dinosaurs species, three new dig sites, additional InGen database entries, and miscellaneous improvements to…

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Jurassic World Evolution Reveals Six New Species Profiles (VIDEO)

Frontier Developments, the minds behind Jurassic World Evolution, has revealed six new species profiles. Launched earlier this month with a “mostly positive” reception on Steam, players can create their own…

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DFTG Reviews Jurassic World Evolution – “There’s Magic In This Game If You Know Where To Look”

Jurassic World Evolution knows one thing to be true about society: few things inspire youthful imagination like dinosaurs. Most of the modern prehistoric fascination spawned from the Jurassic Park franchise. (A…

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Jurassic World Evolution

New Jurassic World Evolution Video Shows Off 20 Glorious Minutes Of Gameplay (VIDEO)

Jurassic World Evolution is coming up fast on its release date. To give fans a closer look at all the hard work Frontier Developments has put into its building sim….

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ARK Survival Evolved 05

DFTG Reviews ARK: Survival Evolved (Xbox One)

In the last several years, there’s been an abundance of survival games being developed by AAA studios and independent studios alike. One particular game in this genre has stood out…

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‘Tomb of Annihilation’ Brings Dinosaurs to Neverwinter in Newest Expansion (VIDEO)

Dinosaurs make the world go round, that’s the saying – right? Maybe not, but they do make just about anything infinitely cooler with their inclusion. Neverwinter is the next game…

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Ghostbusters Demon Zuul

Newly Discovered Dinosaur Named After Ghostbusters Demon Zuul

Despite the financial shortcomings of the Ghostbusters reboot film that hit theaters last year, the original Ghostbusters movie still stands as one of the most culturally withstanding films of all…

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Latest Ark Patch

Latest Ark Patch Offers Teleporters, Sea Labs, and the Majesty of Unicorns (VIDEO)

Ark has been a favorite pastime for many open-world survival enthusiasts. As if the prospect of riding a T-Rex to your mega mountain base wasn’t enough, the latest Ark patch is…

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