The Last of Us Part II Rumored To Release in 2018

The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II will release in 2018, according to a rumor sparked by two Australian retailers. Harvey Norman and EB Games both updated their websites to include a 2018 release date for the title. According to both sites, players can now preorder the game.

Neither website provides a specific date for Naughty Dog’s most sought after release, but the images below indicate the title will be available some time this year. Retailers tend to know release dates before the general public, so many fans are taking this as proof. However, no word has come down from Sony or Naughty Dog as of this post. Until we receive more official news, we will treat this as rumor rather than fact.


The timing does add some extra believability to the leak. Sony’s E3 conference will begin in just over 50 hours from now. If a Last of Us 2 announcement were on the docket, retailers might get a two-day notification to get their websites in order. We’re going to be covering E3 all weekend (follow DFTG on Twitter for updates as they happen!) and will keep you up to speed if this rumor is confirmed.

The follow-up to Naughty Dog’s award-winning smash hit is one of gaming’s most anticipated upcoming titles. A pair of trailers—one haunting and serene, the other stunningly brutal—only strengthened fan’s desires for more of Joel and Ellie. Neil Druckmann’s stated goal is to top Horizon Zero Dawn, which was a well-rounded masterpiece. Sequels often fall flat, but Naughty Dog’s dedication should end any chance of a sophomore slump. All signs point to another phenomenal game whenever it launches.

Do you think that this is the year we get The Last of Us Part II? How will it measure up to its predecessor? Sound off in the comments, and Happy E3 Weekend!

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