The Last of Us 3 plot

The Last Of Us 3 Plot Has Already Been Outlined

Naughty Dog seems to be at the top of their game, so to speak, in the gaming industry and wider media landscape. Their release of The Last of Us Part…

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The Last Of Us directors

More The Last of Us Directors Announced For HBO Series

As the biggest Hollywood productions go back into filming, the many video game adaptations in the works are taking shape into their fullest forms. The live-action Borderlands movie is in…

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Last Of Us HBO Series

The Last Of Us HBO Series Casts Gabriel Luna As Tommy

With Hollywood resuming production on its major film and television projects, gamers are looking forward to the several adaptations of video game in the works. The second season of The…

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The Last of Us Playstation 4 Pro

The Last Of Us Remake Reportedly In Development For PS5

In the eight years since its initial release, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us has received a substantial upgrade on several occasions. We got a remastered version, a PS4 Pro…

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The Last Of Us TV Show

The Last Of Us TV Show Will Follow The Games, But “Deviate Greatly” At Times

HBO’s upcoming adaptation of The Last of Us has been in the works for a while, but it appears the anticipated series is finally nearing production. With the project officially…

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The Last Of Us Deepfake

The Last Of Us Deepfake Clip Shows Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey As Joel And Ellie (VIDEO)

There are several major adaptations of video games in the works for television and film, with one of the most high profile projects now being The Last Of Us live-action…

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Naughty Dog directors

Naughty Dog: Neil Druckmann Teases “Cool Things,” Urges Fans To Remain Patient

Naughty Dog is best known for smash hit series Uncharted and The Last of Us, but with both of those seemingly near their ends, many are looking to what’s ahead….

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The Last Of us TV Show HBO

The Last Of Us TV Series Casts The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal As Joel

HBO has been underway on a TV adaptation of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us for several years, with significant headway only recently being made as the project was officially…

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Last of Us TV Adaptation

The Last Of Us TV Adaptation Confirms New Director

As the television and film industries gradually start resuming production, many of the biggest upcoming media projects just so happen to be adaptations of video games. Perhaps the most ambitious…

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The Last of Us HBO Series "Just The Beginning" of PlayStation's New Media Plans

The Last of Us HBO Series “Just The Beginning” of PlayStation’s New Media Plans

Sony’s yearly presence at the Consumer Electronics Show doesn’t typically include any big product reveals, though President Jim Ryan made an appearance at CES 2021 to speak about what’s to…

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