The Last Of Us Part II Media Event Coming Later This Month

While the PlayStation 4 continues to dominate the gaming industry this year so far, this year has been somewhat quiet regarding exclusive first-party titles for the console. Sony was noticeably…

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The Last Of Us Part II Is Naughty Dog’s “Most Ambitious Game,” Says Troy Baker

It has been quite some time since we received any official update news from the development of The Last of Us Part II, with the only ‘information’ coming to us…

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The Last Of Us Part II Release Date, New Trailer Rumored To Be Revealed This Week

The Last of Us Part II may be one of the most highly anticipated sequels that is set to arrive in the next year or so, and while fans have…

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The Last Of Us Part II Reportedly Getting An Update Before E3, 2019 Release

Naughty Dog has for the most part done a great job at keeping The Last of Us: Part II shrouded in mystery, with only the occasional unsubstantiated leak trickling out…

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The Last Of Us Part 2’s Laura Bailey Wraps Her Performance Capture Work On The Game

There hasn’t been much news coming out of The Last of Us Part 2 camp as of late, save for the recently revealed casting of rapper Logic as one of…

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The Last Of Us Part II Casts Rapper Logic

While there’s no official release date yet, The Last of Us Part II is one of the most anticipated games coming in the future. A handful of new characters have…

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The Last of Us Part II Release Date Leaks (RUMOR)

Even though it released over five years ago, The Last of Us nonetheless remains a modern masterpiece in the eyes of many gamers, its story, characters, and and setting proving…

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God of War Director Discusses The Last Of Us & Its Impact On The Industry (VIDEO)

When the new God of War came out, some players compared the game unfavorably to The Last of Us. Considering Naughty Dog’s title won basically every award it was nominated…

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The Last Of Us Part II Devs Discuss How Sony Studio Competitiveness Improves Games

It is no small secret that Sony has been blessed with a wealth of impressive first party titles these past few years, the most recent of which have been Marvel’s…

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The Last Of Us 2 Won’t Make An Appearance At The Game Awards This Year

The Game Awards of 2018 are just a few days away. Gamers are increasingly excited for the event itself as well as the new information that will be made known…

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